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Clay Aiken :Claymate Conspiracy Theories

Well, some of the Claymates seem to think that we here have been "busted".
They are also coming up with and speaking out about all kinds of mind numbingly ridiculous conspiracy theories. JP has still not come through with his promised press conference and you can read the rantings of the addled brained below:

"History Repeats Itself"

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In light of the John Paulus confession and in light of the fact that he mentioned that the webam escapade was really a conversation between Clay and some women, someone figured it was time to bring out the proof that there was NO webcam escapade. It didn't happen, folks, with anyone. Here is a dose of history (with some additions) for those who want a refresher and for those who never saw ..... THE BIG BUST!
posted by Oh Crap at 5:21 PM on Mar 7, 2007

Anonymous said...
IF we ever find out who started this mess, I would really like to know why Clay Aiken is so threatening to anyone!It seems to be too childish that fans of other idols would go to the lengths seen here and elswhere to ruin a person.Why Clay Aiken? The answer to that question REALLY needs to be answered.
4:03 AM

Oh Crap said...
Anon, that is a question I hope we find the answer to someday. I've had a few theories and sometimes either of those or the little blips that dart across my mind seem so far fetched but then so did most of the past years events.Theory 1: JP was a stalker with stars in his eyes for the most beautiful man on the planet and would never be satisfied until he was noticed even if it meant tearing up his innocent victim's reputation just to be able to breathe the same air in a Court of all costs to himself. He just happened to fall into Groucho's and Emach's lap after they were caught teaming up and plotting back in July or August 2005 for "something big" to take Clay down.Theory 2: Emach and Groucho and/or possibly others teamed up to run the scam and found JP a viable front man... this is what Paulus is claiming.Theory 3: The Clive/RCA Conspiracy. This one seems more and more possible to me everyday and I don't think it's so much about the "Rotting insides" remark but more about Clay refusing to compromise his own standards. We've all seen Clay "edgy" in concert (HAVE MERCY) but he's not going to let himself be known for or be seen on TV displaying crass behavior, drunk and brawling, a heartless womanizer. He WANTS to be the best person he can be and I don't think he wants to be perfect, just a decent human being. Because the music industry is so warped in thinking that "good" behavior doesn't sell, THEY had to dirty him up and teach him a lesson at the same time. "Compromise as we say, even if you lose yourself completely. OR ELSE." What I keep coming up with, though, in my mind is that it's an RCA hit... Clive to Roger to Goldman and OC slime, filtered down from there to the subslime of Gay activists/gossip mongers who are very adept at character assassination. The thing in all this is that Clay is the stronger so this is one time that good wins over evil. Clay didn't have to do a thing; he let them all self destruct with our help. He didn't need to get into this thing...he had us.This sounds more like material for a new blog instead of a comment.
7:09 AM

Oh Crap said...
Actually, it sounds like the Goddamned Twilight Zone and Outer Limits combined.
7:12 AM
Anonymous said...
My version of history-2003 An embittered hardcore group of R u b e n fans hatch a plan for revenge and an attempt to clear the way for their Idol. Being the homophobes that they are, they decided the best way to make Clay appear ridiculous was to make him appear to be gay. They got busy setting up accounts that could look like Clay on various gay male social sites. At some point they looked for a real person in Raleigh to try to stage a series of documentable emails. This is when they found Mr. JP. Quite a friendship they struck up too, convincing JP that Mr. CA was an unworthy person and that he'd be doing the world a favor. They fed his ego, stroked his insanity, and promised him an intro to a famous name in the porn world, Mr. ML. You see, one of our haters knows how to contact people in the entertainment and journalism field. Mr ML's headquarters are conviently located in Manhattan. Working in tandem with a gossip blogger, also conveniently located, the plan was well under way.Meanwhile, letter writing campaigns to descredit Mr. CA in any way possible continued.In life, like seems to find like and the internet is no different. Some of the most depraved, confused and bitter were attracted to the online event known as "the mess"Let's not get confused. There may have been some cling ons along the way, but the ones behind this fraud were the very ones that were discovered talking about some of their activities on their boards and giggled and smirked about all their manhunt activities. I guess they didn't think we were watching them just because we were not confronting them.
9:59 AM

nzclaynz said...
You know, they say that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction - that is definitely true here.I'm still not sure about RCA - but I have to admit - I'm more inclined to believe it now after learning a few things from y'all about the nasty little connections.The haters definitely set the ball rolling with their manhunt accounts and impersonating Clay all over the internet.And I do believe that while JP has 'embellished' his story (it is what he's good at after all), that the seeds of the real truth lie in amongst the manure.No - Clay didn't need to do anything. He knows that we KNOW what the real truth is. He's standing still and letting the Lord fight for him.
1:12 PM

Anonymous said...
****Do not publish****I am the other admin. from the blog you've been talking about. It's laughable that you can even compare us to Tinny's! Both of us admins. are fans, as are most of the people there. We are just a blog that allows open discussion, discussion that's not allowed on most of the boards! We do not delete fans comments.. a few were deleted yesterday, because they referred to WSCA and conspiracy theories. I also find that funny because how many comments do you not publish because they don't fall in line with your way of thinking? We only delete the ones that we think may cause trouble. And rest assured, I am a fan.. in fact, I use to post right alongside you on a board! So please, leave our little corner of the internet alone. Thanks! :)
2:22 PM

Oh Crap said...
Oops! My bad?
2:32 PM

Anonymous said...
Anon 2:27......How can you be a fan and have an agenda that causes harm to Clay?
2:35 PM

Oh Crap said...
You are fans alright but not of Clay. I gave the first person the courtesy of not having her comment published but as I watched and you started deleting any comment from Clay's actual fans that offered proof of the TRUTH, you deleted them. Why is that? It wasn't because it would cause trouble unless you think that the TRUTH is trouble for your little game.Your bluff has been called.
2:43 PM

Anonymous said...
I believe RCA's part in this was that they did nothing to help Clay. They may have hoped to benefit somehow in the climate of the publicity as leverage in dealing with Clay. Somehow I feel like all is well now.
4:02 PM

nzclaynz said...
OhCrap - you did good my friend. I have not been to that blog, but have read the comments and hear from others who say certain comments get deleted. To those that run that blog - Don't make the mistake that JP and others have of assuming that we're stupid. You may be fans, but your definition of "fan" is different to ours. It's clear that your agenda is not a "neutral" one. We've been fed bullshit long enough to know it's stink from a mile away...If you really ARE fans of Clay Aiken - then you'll do the right thing by pulling your blog. But you won't. After all - it's all about "having your say"; no matter who it hurts - right?
7:35 PM

Anonymous said...
I think RCA was behind the scam and JP is using the haters as scapegoats. It would be difficult to prove the haters were behind it, but the fingerpointing would go in their direction; therefore, the real culprits go free. Unless a crime was committed and the lawyers want to go after someone. I doubt that would happen as it appears to be another day at the office.Of course, I think PaulASS should be outed as a total fraud, and a few of the haters should be humiliated for their role in this.
9:38 PM

Anonymous said...
If RCA was out to get Clay...why wouldn't they just drop him like a hot potato like they did with Justin Guarini?? I don't understand how RCA works and why CLay gets no radio play or if RCA has anything to do with that...But, RCA wants to make money. THey make money off Clay. Even with no radio play. If they have to do a payola to play CLay...they really don't need to. He makes RCA money without the payola. I can't imagine them backstabbing him...would they??? I dunno. Biting one of the fingers that feeds them???
1:09 PM

nzclaynz said...
anon 1.09 - I'm not entirely convinced of any RCA 'plot'. But I have to admit that some of what I've heard about certain people that work there, makes me wonder just a little. It wouldn't be hard to convince me.They wouldn't just dump Clay - because they know that other companies would snap him up before they could say "goodbye Clay". They'd have to devalue him first. And IMO - Clive's 'mandate' of ATDW has hurt Clay's popularity.Just a theory like any other - but I'm still inclined to believe that certain people at RCA dislike Clay intensely...
1:33 PM
Anonymous said...
I understand your point, 1:09PM, but if RCA was so interested in protecting Clay's interests, they would have supported Clay and ATDW and shredded JP's credibility. Especially since it was all a lie. Their actions (or lack of them) speak for themselves. There's a conflict of interest between the label and the franchise. The franchise dictates terms to a certain extent, and seeks to fill whatever box needs filling in the Idol stable. Pop/rock was designated for Daughtry. Clay's own album was deep-sixed in favor of covers, as that was the box designated for Clay. Why else would a superstar be relegated to niche artist status? Plus, he wouldn't outsell the Chosen Ones and Daughtry, despite not winning, was a Chosen One.IF Clay is leaving after this CD, that would give the label the added incentive to devalue him before sending him off to the competition if they could not agree to terms in contract renegotiations.
6:30 PM

crew said...
Hm...very interesting theories. I could also be easily convinced. That was me, "crew", at 1:09, btw. It wouldn't let me put in my username.
5:43 AM

Oh Crap said...
Crew, Blogger has been whacky since I upgraded. Some people never learn that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Trying to improve a product sometimes screws it up totally.
6:29 AM

Public Service Announcement For Clay Aiken Fan Sites

Click on image to enlarge. There is safety in knowledge.

Clay Aiken: Funny Man?

A Claymate dropped by the blog today and said this:
He has such agreat sense of humor that he makes a lot of people laugh.the real anon 03.10.07 - 12:51 pm #
Yep, the Claymates seem to find Clay Aiken to be a funny, funny guy.
They must find him so funny that the hand motion Clay employs to tell them to "shut up" must be a laugh riot to them.
It seems so. They act thrilled to be "silenced" by the great Clay Aiken.
It is hard to believe that most of those so enchanted by this stunt are grown women.
Clay Aiken has taught them to respond, the way one would train a dog to respond.
It would probably be a a good bet that CLAY also finds this all hilarious.
One has to wonder how these women would feel if other men in their lives attempted to silence them with a hand motion, expect obedience and then laugh about it?
Would they be so tickled if someone other than Clay treated them in such a demeaning fashion, especially in public?
To borrow one of the Claymates favorite lines, they just don't get it.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Clay Aiken: Webcam Revisited Can There Really Be Any Doubt?

How can anyone with working eyes and lack of mental illness still be in denial that it is indeed Clay Aiken in these web-cam shots?
Special thanks to this Claymate from Miami, Florida for inspiring this blog: You, my dear, are so filled with hatred and I guess this is your cheap way of getting some therapy. LOLAnonymous 03.09.07 - 6:58 pm #

Clay Aiken Not On The "American Idol Gives Back" Show?

And Clay Aiken has said publicly he'd love to be on American Idol anytime.
Was he invited but will be unable to take part because of his as yet unnanounced UNICEF mission?
Did humanitarian work ever get in the way of Clay getting spotlight time before?
This sounds like it will be a great show AS IS. Let's hope Clay doesnt weasel his way on somehow.
Gwen Stefani, Pink, Borat Team Up For 'Idol' Charity Special
'Idol Gives Back' poverty-relief benefit will air over two nights in April.
By Gil Kaufman

"American Idol" will launch an ambitious poverty-relief campaign in April with a two-night spectacular that is slated to feature performances from Gwen Stefani, Pink and Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat.
Host Ryan Seacrest announced the details of "Idol Gives Back" on Thursday night's results show, in which the final 12 contestants were revealed (see
" 'Idol' Final 12 Celebrate With Simon; Antonella And Sundance Head Home"). The April 24-25 episodes are aimed at raising awareness and funds for poverty-relief organizations helping children in the United States and Africa.
The first night will find the top six finalists on the show singing "life anthems" about hope and compassion, with show sponsors Coke and AT&T donating money to charity for every vote cast via phone or text message. The next night's show will feature the celebrity lineup, also slated to include Annie Lennox, Josh Groban, Michael Bublé and pop-classical group Il Divo, which was put together by "Idol" judge Simon Cowell. During that show, viewers will also be able to make donations through toll-free phone lines and on the Internet.
The money raised from the special programs will be split between organizations including the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, the Global Fund, Save the Children, Nothing but Nets and Malaria No More. In the United States, the money will be focused on organizations that deliver programs to some of the country's most disadvantaged children, while in Africa, funds will be used to provide health and education programs.
"Idol" creator and executive producer Simon Fuller explained in a press release that he was approached several years ago to create a new televised charity event by screenwriter/director Richard Curtis, who runs BBC TV's annual African famine relief event Red Nose Day, which has raised $820 million to date. "After lengthy discussions it occurred to me that we should use 'American Idol' as an existing platform to premiere this idea," Fuller said. "Thanks to the huge support of Fox and the enthusiasm and energy of [the show's producers and hosts], it has finally become a reality. Red Nose Day is an extraordinary institution and I am hoping that 'Idol Gives Back' is an enormous success, raising awareness and huge amounts of money for all these wonderfully deserving causes, and allowing us to continue to make these important, world-changing shows for many years to come."
Bono was also bullish on the prospects of raising money through the most popular television show in the U.S. "We'll see worlds collide when Africa appears on America's most-watched TV show," he said in a statement. "This is a big deal, a little bit of pop history. ... I wouldn't underestimate the reach of this show or the impact its audience can have."

Thursday, March 8, 2007


Here's Hoping That Skank Antonella Barba Goes Home

Since there is not a lot to say about Clay Aiken, no new "tour" dates announced, no new appearances scheduled, no new blogs to his OFC, I am going to be what Simon Cowell would probably call a "bit indulgent" in this blog and I hope the readers and participants here will not mind.
My personal feeling is that Antonella Barba should have been thrown out of the competition as soon as the sleazy photo's of her surfaced. Others have been thrown off for similar situations, the reason given to them, that American Idol is a family show.
I am less offended by the pictures of her on the toilet, dry humping another chick, and the blow job pictures (though there is speculation that it is not her, but who knows?) than I am her pictures taken at the World War 2 Memorial.
My father fought in the army in WW2 and was wounded in Europe. He recuperated in time to rejoin his batallion and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. If my father had lived to see this beautiful World War 2 Memorial, I'm sure he would have been thrilled and proud as are the men and women who have lived to see it, and as are the families of those who served in that war.
What gives this bitch the idea that it's ok for her to disrespect this Memorial and the men and women it is dedicated to?
Does Antonella Barba not understand the meaning of this Memorial or does she just not care?
There are plenty of places for you to take slutty pictures of yourself, Antonella. This was not one of them.
Below you will find a link to a photo of a sign at the Memorial that says that wading and coin tossing are not allowed. Guess Antonella Barba is just so important that she thinks rules don't apply to her.
Oh, and her singing sucks. She does not deserve to share a stage with Melinda Dolittle and LaKisha Jones. That alone is reason enough for her to go home, her being a disgrace in general will make her exit even sweeter.
If she makes it through tonight, I hope she goes through a week of hell knowing that she is only there probably due to the efforts of VFTW. I hope it eats at her knowing she's a joke and doesn't really deserve a place in the top 12.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Blog Site That Posted The Truth

As most of this blogs readers and participants know, there have been some versions of the events of late that have been picked up by other outlets and reported innacurately.

There was one site, however that did post the truth. I personally thank the site and the people who run it.

Here it is:

Correcting The Record: The Truth behind the John PaulusClay Aiken story
post from NoControl: The Best Television Blog Posts on 07 March 2007 02:41:00 PM. © NoControl: The Best Television Blog Posts

Article Written By T.S. Owner Of The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad

In November, John closed down his blog about Clay Aiken after supposedly receiving an apology from Aiken regarding how Paulus was treated during and after their alleged sexual encounter. At that time, I arranged with John Paulus to start the blog currently knownas "The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad".

While John Paulus did not participate onthe blog very often, he did e-mail me and tried to float information about Clay Aiken to me.

I often did not post this information as it was mostly things about Clay Aiken's manhunt hook-ups and even implied drug use by Clay Aiken.
I could not prove any of those allegations, so I did not post about them.

John was extremely critical of Clay Aiken in all the e-mails he sent to me,which I have now posted on my blog.

They can be seen here:

Recently, John Paulus started posting on my blog scolding people about howClay Aiken is suffering from depression and we were all making it worse.

I knew he was being a hypocrite because of the e-mails he was sending me.

Through e-mails, I called him on his behavior and asked him to stop causing trouble on my blog and also brought up his hypocrisy regarding his feelings about Clay Aiken. At that point, John Paulus's e-mails to me began taking on a menacing tone and he made subtle threats to reveal information about me.

To protect myself, I then posted all of the e-mails and made public what John Paulus REALLY thought and was saying about Clay Aiken.

Apparently, after the publication of those e-mails, John Paulus panicked.

In a desperate effort to divert, he then claimed in a blog that he later deleted, that he never met Clay Aiken for sex on January 2, 2006, but was put up to the story by members of my blog and carried out his campaign against Clay Aiken in return for a contract with Michael Lucas, who runs a pornographic film company.

Now this story has made it's way to other outlets and it is completely untrue, I feel compelled to speak out to correct the blatant lie that John Paulus has created about both me and the people on my blog.

I haven't, nor has my blog, ever backed John Paulus as a front person in his campaign against Clay Aiken. The idea that we could connect him with Michael Lucas is ludicrous and perhaps Michael Lucas should be asked how his association with John Paulus began.

Again, anyone who wishes may view the e-mails I referred to earlier

Read The Full Article:

Thanks to this site for printing the truth.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Just Clearing Some Things Up

Any of you who are new to the blog to either love it or hate it, need to read these posts.
In them are John Paulus's e-mails to me about Clay Aiken.
In the meantime, in public, John always talked about how he has moved on and wants Clay to succeed, and was concerned about Clay's depression.
The following links, best read in order, will show you want John was REALLY saying about Clay Aiken.
NONE of these e-mails are altered and I'll be happy to forward copies to anyone who might be interested in inspecting for themselves.

After these blogs were posted, John Paulus went a little nuts and made a blog recanting his story, which he then deleted.
Then he promised details about how THIS blog was behind his year long campaign and he never came through.

He couldn't. He didn't.
There IS NO TRUTH to what he was saying.
Then he went to diversion and posted all about his date this weekend and hoped nobody would want to talk about the events of the past couple of days.

Now even that blog is gone.

And he calls ME a liar.

Read and decide for yourselves.

Clay Aiken To Do N.C. Theatre?

N.C. Theatre producer William Jones wants Clay Aiken to star as "Huckleberry Finn" in Jones's production of "Big River" as you will read below.

But maybe Clay would serve Jones better as "Sandy" in the N.C. Theatre's upcoming production of "Grease"?

No ifs about this Effie

Orla Swift, Staff Writer
Broadway producers have wasted no time in scooping up "American Idol" contestants. No sooner does each season end than the theater negotiations begin.
But N.C. Theatre producer William Jones is quicker. The day after LaKisha Jones sang "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from Broadway's "Dreamgirls" on "Idol" last month, Jones says, he was on the phone putting in dibs for her to play Effie in "Dreamgirls" at N.C. Theatre.
That production won't hit the stage until January. But Jones didn't want to tarry, lest he lose an "Idol" Effie.
"She sang the mess out of it," Jones says.
Jones has also been hot on the trail of Raleigh's "Idol" runner-up, Clay Aiken, who played small roles at N.C. Theatre before his "Idol" stardom.
Aiken would be a perfect Huckleberry Finn in "Big River," says Jones, who won't stage it until he can get Aiken.
Why Huck?
Well, first, it's a starring role, which Aiken's stature demands, Jones says. The vocal range is suitable, too. But mostly, it's a personality thing.
"I think he's got a little bit of innocence to him," Jones says. "And I think Huck is an innocent kind of character: Everything's great in the world. Huck is a guy who believes in everybody. He doesn't see black, he doesn't see white. ... He just sees the world as it is. I think Clay could portray that very well."
Jones' pop culture fishing expeditions don't end at "Idol." He's also eyeing NBC's "Grease: You're the One That I Want!" hoping that one or more of the Dannys who don't win the Broadway role will head to Raleigh instead.
N.C. Theatre's "Grease!" opens May 12. Jones won't finish cast until NBC announces its castoffs.
"We're kind of holding out," he says.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Since There's Nothing New With Clay Aiken

Some trips down memory lane.

Clay Aiken : "Not So Nice"

There is another report from someone with apparently no agenda whatsoever that Clay is a bitch.

This account comes from Charlotte Reed, who is an international pet expert. Renowed for her pet know-how, energy and wit, she is a popular television and radio guest, writer, spokesperson and lecturer.

Here's what she had to say:

This is a morning for ATL news. I just read in US Magazine that Usher is engaged to long time, ATL hottie. I met her once with Usher and she seems like a sweet girl. I met them both when Usher and I were doing The View. I must admit I was shocked that for such a big, big star, Usher was so sweet and nice. His mother raised him right. Very personable and ladies, he is even an animal lover. Clay Aiken with his pooch was there too. Just so you know, he's not such a big star and not so nice. I was extremely unimpressed. I guess he was worried that JOY would ask him abut his sexual preference.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Clay Aiken: Fibber?

Clay Aiken has claimed to have had a lifelong fear of water and has also claimed he dislikes Mexican food.
Here is a blog where Clay opines about his dislike for Mexican Food:
05/17/0610:25 AM: Mexican food... BLECH!
Who guessed Mexican food?
I just can't handle it. Too spicy. Too messy. Too pasty. Too dry. There's really nothing about it that I like. The only Mexican food that I can eat is Taco Bell soft tacos, and we all know that isn't really Mexican. It's Ameri-exican. Now, I know that it is almost a certainty that 5 or 6 of you are going to respond to this blog and tell me that YOU could make me some Mexican that I would like. Let me save you thte time. No you can't! --- I am sure you are marvelous cooks. In the south we only need to fry things once to make em good. What's with all of this refried mess?
Well, here are some pictures of him splashing happily in the surf and looking quite happy carrying his take out order from Baja Fresh.
Clay, why tell such stupid little lies? You can't even stop yourself from lying about things that are UNIMPORTANT.
Why would anyone believe anything you say about things that ARE important?

An Older Clay Aiken Interview. What A Change.

Even back then, he was avoiding talking about women, but what a change there has been in him. He acted relatively "normal" back then as opposed to his assholish demeanor now.

Oh...and you'll also get to see him sing the only hit song he's ever had. SUPERSTAH, I'm tellin' ya! Why has he become so full of himself? He's had ONE hit and it was a TEPID hit at that.

Sneak Preview of Clay Aiken "Summer Tour"