Saturday, March 10, 2007

Clay Aiken: Funny Man?

A Claymate dropped by the blog today and said this:
He has such agreat sense of humor that he makes a lot of people laugh.the real anon 03.10.07 - 12:51 pm #
Yep, the Claymates seem to find Clay Aiken to be a funny, funny guy.
They must find him so funny that the hand motion Clay employs to tell them to "shut up" must be a laugh riot to them.
It seems so. They act thrilled to be "silenced" by the great Clay Aiken.
It is hard to believe that most of those so enchanted by this stunt are grown women.
Clay Aiken has taught them to respond, the way one would train a dog to respond.
It would probably be a a good bet that CLAY also finds this all hilarious.
One has to wonder how these women would feel if other men in their lives attempted to silence them with a hand motion, expect obedience and then laugh about it?
Would they be so tickled if someone other than Clay treated them in such a demeaning fashion, especially in public?
To borrow one of the Claymates favorite lines, they just don't get it.