Thursday, March 8, 2007

Here's Hoping That Skank Antonella Barba Goes Home

Since there is not a lot to say about Clay Aiken, no new "tour" dates announced, no new appearances scheduled, no new blogs to his OFC, I am going to be what Simon Cowell would probably call a "bit indulgent" in this blog and I hope the readers and participants here will not mind.
My personal feeling is that Antonella Barba should have been thrown out of the competition as soon as the sleazy photo's of her surfaced. Others have been thrown off for similar situations, the reason given to them, that American Idol is a family show.
I am less offended by the pictures of her on the toilet, dry humping another chick, and the blow job pictures (though there is speculation that it is not her, but who knows?) than I am her pictures taken at the World War 2 Memorial.
My father fought in the army in WW2 and was wounded in Europe. He recuperated in time to rejoin his batallion and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. If my father had lived to see this beautiful World War 2 Memorial, I'm sure he would have been thrilled and proud as are the men and women who have lived to see it, and as are the families of those who served in that war.
What gives this bitch the idea that it's ok for her to disrespect this Memorial and the men and women it is dedicated to?
Does Antonella Barba not understand the meaning of this Memorial or does she just not care?
There are plenty of places for you to take slutty pictures of yourself, Antonella. This was not one of them.
Below you will find a link to a photo of a sign at the Memorial that says that wading and coin tossing are not allowed. Guess Antonella Barba is just so important that she thinks rules don't apply to her.
Oh, and her singing sucks. She does not deserve to share a stage with Melinda Dolittle and LaKisha Jones. That alone is reason enough for her to go home, her being a disgrace in general will make her exit even sweeter.
If she makes it through tonight, I hope she goes through a week of hell knowing that she is only there probably due to the efforts of VFTW. I hope it eats at her knowing she's a joke and doesn't really deserve a place in the top 12.