Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Clay Aiken: Please Contact Your OFC....AGAIN.

Well, the OFC is screwing up once again. Wait...maybe it's not a screw-up. Maybe it's intentional. Guess there is really no way of knowing.

This is what is promised when one joins the OFC:

Members Only Chat Room
More personal blogs from Clay
New voice messages from Clay
Cool contests with exclusive prizes
New Wallpapers and Buddy Icons
Opportunity to buy concert tickets first and attend meet & greets*

It is being reported that members of OFC who are trying to exercise their option to buy preferred tickets as promised to them when they joined OFC are unable to do so UNLESS THEY PURCHASE ANOTHER FAN CLUB MEMBERSHIP.

If this was the first time OFC screwed up or failed to deliver, it could possibly be excused, but OFC has a history of not delivering what is promised when one signs up for membership.

Right before ATDW was released, it was time for OFC renewal. Some who attempted to join or renew were charged multiple times for their membership fees and the package including the t-shirt, photo, membership cards weren't delivered to them til many months later, if at all.

The OFC also promises: "More personal blogs from Clay". That's been bullshit, hasn't it? The
"personal blogs from Clay" have been few and far between and are often either pleas for money or complete nonsense as with his "Scandal 2007" blog and his most recent blogs about the television show "Jericho". I'm just guessing here, but when people signed up for blogs, they were probably hoping to hear about Clay's career and maybe an occasional acknowlegment of how they come through for him time and time again. They might have wanted to know how the gala did or about Clay's travels in Afghanistan. They might have wanted a "thank you" for exceeding Clay's fund raising challenge. Instead they get blogs about "Jericho" that are either self serving on Clay's part, or mocking Claymate behavior.

The blame for the content and the infrequency of the blogs lies entirely with Clay Aiken.

Then there was the false tour info posted on OFC. You would think the official fan club would be able to provide accurate tour information, but there were Claymates who made travel arrangements based on what they saw posted on OFC. Since one pays for the privilege of receiving the information that OFC posts, one would suppose that they could trust that information. Now it is known that the info posted at OFC can't be trusted.

Recently, this was posted on our blog by someone who seems to have credible insight as to how Clay and Faye think. Note the bolded parts.

Frances and Faye on seperate occassions both were bitching about Kristy's inability to raise any funds and tht pretty soon ll the money FSL raised for them would be gone. Since some of wht she raised can only be used for a specific project, the operating expenses have eaten into money they have that is not commioted to a project (like State Farm project can't be used for anything but that project and the federal grant money is limited too) Faye and Frances were bitching because Diane sided with Kristy and talked Faiken into hiring an outside fund raiser for something like ten months. The cost was around $3500 a month and Frances and Faye thought it was a huge waste of money and that the foundation should just raise funds off the fans and forget about corporations etc. The accepatance of the Presidential Appointment was at Kristy's urging since the fund raiser needed something to work with and since FSL got them to agree to keep the appointment open he could go in and take it and use it for visibility. Faye and Frances were really pissed at Diane for going around their back with Kristy to Faiken. (this may have been the gasoline on the fire between Faye and Kristy cuz how dare Kristy go against Faye!!!) Anyway, not sure how that fund raiser guy worked out or how long he stayed. Didn't produce anything that anyone can tell and no mention of his involvement with the gala.Faye thought that any money they had to pay this guy should come out of Kristy's salary. kristy claimed she had so much work to do with so many projects to manage that she couldn't possibly add fund raising to her list!!! Frances and Faye made comments that suggested they knew how to do everything and Kristy knew nothing. They did not want to hire anyone and did not want to py anyone. Faye basically said the fans will pay everything that is needed so why hire someone to fundraise when the fans willsupply all the money. One person thought the guys contract was up in january. Faye was very negative and smirked at Kristy's claim that she is so busy with so many projects (guess approving fan fundraisers is alot of work.) anonymous 05.02.07 - 8:41 pm #

Taking the bolded comments above along with the way that OFC is being run, and ulitmately the OFC is run by Clay Aiken, it would seem that the thinking is that the fans are there to be milked like animals.

The problem with continual milking is that unless there is some food or nourishment on a regular basis, the milk will dry up.

The same goes for Clay Aiken's fandom. They are being taken for granted, given NOTHING and unless that changes, it's going to continue to dry up, and rightfully so.

What are OFC members paying for again?