Saturday, December 9, 2006


What will the "King of Controversy" do or say tonight? Will the train wreck roll on or derail?

Get Your Barf Bags Ready!!

Friday, December 8, 2006

"Clay"(??) Blogs about the Christmas Tree

12/08/06 : O Christmas Tree
I am sure that by now most of you have seen the footage from Lynda Loveland's "inside look" into the new house. If you recall, there was a very special Christmas tree spotlighted during the tour. The Fan tree is in my assistant's office and is covered from top to bottom with ornaments given to us from fans all over the world. To each of you who have given us an ornament over the past three years I want to extend a heartfelt "thank you." You truly are the most amazing fans in the world. Hopefully we will have some pictures of the tree in the media section very soon. Enjoy!
Current Mood: Happy
Doesn't Clay usually use more exclamation marks? I can only find one in the whole post.
This blog does not sound like Clay. He doesn't mention the tour at all or any of the people he's encountered. When you compare this blog with the "chatty Clay", "King of Controversy" that we've seen lately, it doesn't mesh.
And that poor, sorry looking Christmas tree! It looks like they hauled a floor model out of K-Mart and threw it together within minutes of the cameras arriving. I don't see Faye's decorator touch, there.
Now, to add insult to injury, the world knows that this tree that is oh so special to Clay is in his assistant's office.
Let's not forget the reason for the "insider gift" to his ClayMates. He was pissed at one news station for invading his space, so to get revenge, he gave this exclusive tour to a rival station.
But Clay's story is that it's really all about the fans.

The Measure of a Hypocrite

Clay Aiken Looks Forward To Small Venues Spilling The Beans A Coffee Break With ...December 8, 2006

Q: Tell me about your newest CD.A: It's called "All is Well" and is a holiday CD released exclusively to Wal-Mart.
A:I never thought I'd be a Wal-Mart special, but I guess I am. It includes a couple of my favorites, "Christmas Waltz" and "O Come O Come Emmanuel."

Q: Was Christmas a big holiday in your house when you were growing up?
A: Interestingly, we did not have any phenomenal traditions. We actually had a very traditional Christmas, spending Christmas Eve with one side of the family and Christmas Day with the other. I think Christmas is one of the times of year when people connect emotionally with a season. There's a warm spirit that shows when I go on the road this time of year. It shows in the audience response.
Q: You'll be performing in a relatively small venue when you sing at the Convention Center Tuesday and with an orchestra rather than with a band. How do you like the change?
A: Both of those are good things. I don't want to sound like a politician, but having a smaller venue is exciting to me because there is not the pressure to sing to the back of the rafters. It's always hard to be a small speck onstage. You can't connect with the audience. With an orchestra and a smaller venue, you can just feel the music. You don't need ear monitors. You can feel the music because it shakes you and rattles you. Most of the venues in this tour are comparably sized, and it's been done intentionally. I like the shows to be intimate.
Q: It's been a few years now since your "American Idol" fame. Are you still a fan of the
A: I think contestants on the show are more savvy because they know what they are getting into. We didn't know. It's disappointing to me in some ways. The newer crop of contestants are the types of people who made fun of us at the time.
Q: You know I have to ask you about the Kelly Ripa-Rosie O'Donnell-Clay Aiken feud. Was it just a misunderstanding?
A: Lord, this certainly turned into something huge. I'm tired of it and actually didn't have anything to do with what the two of them said to each other. I think a number of people talked before they thought, and I feel bad about the drama that resulted. I've talked to both Kelly and Rosie and would go back on the show. I take no offense.
Q: So what do you want for Christmas?
A: There's nothing I want. Wait a minute, hold on, the dog threw up on the carpet. (After a few seconds, Aiken returns to the phone.) Change that, I could use some carpet cleaner.
Yep. Read it again:
I'm tired of it and actually didn't have anything to do with what the two of them said to each other. I think a number of people talked before they thought, and I feel bad about the drama that resulted.
Clay? You're TIRED of it? Then why the hell are you talking about it every night at your show? You're TIRED of it? You feel bad about the drama that resulted? Bullshit!! No you don't! You are now calling yourself the "King of Controversy" and milking it for a laugh. You are LOVING the drama! Don't you even realize how blatant your lies are?
I take no offense
YOU take no offense? Why the hell are you acting all offended by joking that you'd do it again every night in your show? And just WHAT would YOU be offended about. YOU were the one who was RUDE and STARTED this whole thing. Asshole.
Wait a minute, hold on, the dog threw up on the carpet.
Hearing the lies you were spewing probably sickened the poor dog.
Where is the guy who chose the title "The Measure of a Man" for his first CD?

ClayMate Video

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Clay "Plays" With the ClayMates

Let's let the ClayMate's tell it themselves. It's too ridiculous to try to explain.

nky4clay ClayBoard HappyPosts: 6494(12/6/06 7:51 am)Reply ezSupporter
Teacher the buses last night!!!

Well, right around 12:10, Clay and Jerome walk out to the front of the bus. We hopped out of the car and crossed the street. There were about 20 people there. Clay is standing by the drivers seat, and Jerome comes out of the bus. Jerome says "Listen up! Clay wants to play!" And he goes on to say that Clay wanted to play a game, and whoever could answer correctly, would be allowed to go on the bus. OH........MAH............GAWD!!!!! Here's the test -- the first person to sing the first verse of ......... CRAP! I forget the name of the song! Darnit! one knew it. Jerome and Clay left for a minute. Then they came back -- new test.... First person to name the president of the US that had the most children..... NOPE! No one knew that one either. We're all screaming out president's names -- random guesses. Clay said " nope -- wrong -- It's Tyler" Next question......Name the capital of the COUNTRY of Georgia. Huh? Who the frick knew that Georgia was a country somewhere? (actually, I'd heard of it, but what the......???) Nope -- no one got that one either. Final question -- name the fourth largestest populated country. The top three are....China, India, US. What's number 4? People are screaming out countries names. Clay is standing there pointing his finger, searching....he heard it. But who said it? He's searching......FOUND HER! No -- not me. But, it was someone I knew. (oh -- and the answer was Indonesia) OMG! I was so happy for her! And playing with Clay was just sooooo FUN!! He was so animated standing up there in the bus watching us and playing teacher Clay. VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!! It was TOTALLY worth waiting around for THAT!!! She got to go on the bus for about 5 minutes. She got her pic taken with Clay and got his autograph too. She was on cloud nine when she got off that bus!!!


scrpkymPosts: 636(12/6/06 11:27 am)Reply
Re: Teacher the buses last night!!!

OMG! did he actually say that himself? Did the word 'India' come out of his mouth?

No -- Clay didn't ask the questions. Jerome did. Clay just stood in the bus making faces and hand motions at us. One of my favorite -- he held up his hands with his fingers spread apart, and put them down one at a time. He was counting down the time until the game was over.THOSE HANDS!!!!!! GAH!!!


kmammam Clayboard MemberPosts: 1235(12/6/06 6:31 pm

)Reply ezSupporter
I was the lucky winner...BUS TIME WOOOO HOOOOOO
Here is what I posted last night. I am dead. I did not get home til 3 am missed exits left and right took wrong turns becuase I could not think clearly after being with Clay. It was amazing. A normally 1 hr drive took an hour and a half. I could not get to sleep until 4 am and only got 2 hrs. I had to go to work and was incoherent, hypomanic from meeting Clay and from lack of sleep. I got only 3 patient care notes done and that was it. LOL I was reading things and could not concentrate. LOLHi guys. Marge here. I have had quite a night. Suffice it to say CLay was his sweet,cute ,funny, beautiful and amazing self. There were a lot of newbies at the concert; I'd say about 75-80 percent of the audience were newbies and there were many Clayversions and he is going to sell a lot of CD's. Clay came out after the show and there was a line of maybe 75-100 people and he shook hands with us all. Then a few of us really clayzy fans decided to stay even after and bug Clay and Jerome and aslo some of us were just having fun. (More of which I will explain later tomorrow after I get some sleep and darn got to go to work very busy). I have a tradition after shows if I am going to stay over at the buses I don't try to shake hands, been there done that oncethat was enough for me. But I like to be there for support. To let him know he is loved. And to wave good bye to him, and sometimes cheer for him. Well it was cold and I was very tired and I was thinking come on Clay get that bus moving so I can wave you off. But I decided to stay because we were having a lot of fun which I will explain later. At any rate Clay decided he would amuse hisself with us too. So he decided to play a trivia game with us and the prize was to be able to get on the bus and talk with Clay. Several questions were asked and man he asked hard ones. But on the final question he asked (actually he sent Jerome out to ask all the questions) He asked what is the 4 th most populous sountry in the worl. LOL he was gracious this time and gave us the first 3 countries....Well guess what guys I cannot believe my luck. I answered correctly and I got to go on the bus with Clay. After that experience and sharing it with the peeps outside I had to drive home. Now let me tell you after an experience like that it was not easy to make it home. Not thinking too clearly. DOn't kill me but i got to get up in 4 hours to go to work so I am going to have to save details for later when I can actually think. He is as sweetie. OK I will write tomorrow. I will probably be pinching myself
for a few days. Marge


Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. Don't these people have ANY pride?? How sad. How much more arrogant can Clay get?

Clay Addresses Rumor at Last Night's Show

At last night's show, Clay acknowledged a rumor that supposedly is about to break as a story in the tabloids.

He was very quick to address this rumor specifically and to speak out to shoot it down.

He was also very quick to respond specifically in the Jeannie Holleman case.

Aiken remains silent on the John Paulus story and his denial of the web cam story was luke-warm at best.

Clay seems to be very particular about what rumors he will deny and what allegations he will respond to. Wonder why. Hmmm.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Although Clay has grown fond of discussing his crotch lately, let's switch things up today and talk about another part of "Clay's Anatomy".

Actually, there isn't much to be said. Look at the pictures.

Honestly, is there any doubt left?

Congratulations Rabid Claymates!!

Congratulations to the PsychoMates! You are getting some media coverage! Before too long the whole world will realize what bitter, lunatic bitches you are! Keep up the good work!!

PS: You're helping to make Clay look really good, too. (wink)

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Clay : HEY EVERYBODY!!! Look at my PENIS!!

At last night's show, Clay lost his mind and decided a family, holiday performance would be a good time to put his penis in the spotlight.

During his usual "witty" exchanges with the fans that he's been initiating lately, some Claymate came up with the "oh so funny" idea to tell Clay that his zipper was open. Can we say "third grade" here?

Instead of ignoring the juvenile comment and moving right along, Clay decided to make the banter about his crotch. He even pulled up a stool so that "Sharon" could get a bird's eye view of his genitals.

If Kelly Clarkson had done something like this, the Claymates would be crucifying her. For some reason, when Clay behaves this way at a family oriented performance, the Claymates find it hilarious.

What happened to the Clay who wanted to be a role model and an example? What happened to the Clay who wanted all his performances to be family friendly? Wasn't it Clay who said he was embarrassed to be with his mother at an awards show where the content was somewhat sexual in nature?

To be calling attention to his genitals in a performance where he would also be singing songs like " Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel" and "Mary, Did You Know" is so inappropriate, it is mind boggling. Clay, what were you thinking?

What Faye is thinking today?

Clay, did you know?

If you heard a loud squeal piercing the universe tonight, sort of like the one Clay let out on the Tyra show when discussing macaroni and cheese only LOUDER, then it's very likely that Clay heard the news that Lance Bass and his boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkuhl have split up.

Clay has long been an admirer of Reichen's and rumor has it, Clay used to pester Reichen with phone calls.



Monday, December 4, 2006

All is Well? Holy HELL!!!

Some of the reviews are coming in from the kickoff performance of Clay's Holiday tour performing with local symphonies.
Of course, Claymates are writing their own fawning reviews, but for them, if Clay walked on stage, took a giant shit, then bowed and walked off, they'd write glowing reviews about how it smelled like potpourri.
Below you find a review from someone who attended the show primarily for the Symphony performance, but was also looking forward to Clay's part of the show. The reviewer quoted has pretty much the same reaction as anyone who is not up past their ears in the Kool-Aid.
Clay. Do Something. Stop the "snark". Only the ClayMates think it's funny. The general population doesn't. Concentrate on your voice. Shut up and sing.
December 3, 2006
jenny chicago, il
What a disappointment this was. WE thought we would start off the holiday season with the warm, rich sounds of the local symphony with the added treat of Clay Aiken's voice. Instead we got awful howling by Mr. Aiken, screaming by a bunch of middle-aged women for what purpose none of us can figure out, and foolish audience banter that belied the season. This might be expected if we had been at an amateur show. On most songs, Mr. Aiken's voice was out of tune, off pitch and raspy. Two songs in particular were embarrassing for even the audience. One, "All is Well" can best be described as a mating call for the mosse in Minnesota and "Don't Save it All for Christmas Day" was just too painful to label as anything at all. The appearance was undeserving of the theater and the symphony. Next time I woul hope the musical guest would be a professional who actually knows how to sing.

Jenny from Chicago? I hope you get that next time, too. You, and anyone else who paid for that show deserved better.

Monday's Thud

For the rabid mates. A nice shot of Clay's nostril hair. You're Welcome.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Claymates at Last Nights Show

From what I understand, at last nights show, women were in the FOURTH row using binoculars. I wonder if the picture above is a represenation of what the binocular toting mates looked like last night. Look at these womens faces. Look at their shirts. Look at the rest of the people in the audience. The one that cracks me up is the person right over "big red's" shoulder wearing the white shirt, with arms crossed, looking TOTALLY unamused.

If the accounts I read of the show are correct, Clay singled the binocular toting Claymates for some special "snarky" attention and managed to get a dig in at Kelly Ripa all in one exchange. I wonder why he never jokes about the "Rosie" part of the scandal in his repartee?

He just doesn't get how he comes off. The Claymates don't get how they come off. WAKE UP!!

See Clay in action with the link below. Look at the piano player behind him. He looks like he's thinking "why won't this jerk shut up?" Clay just can't help but be an asshole.


Courtesy of Postcards from the Pug Bus

Clay Aiken Accuser John Paulus Wins Contest

(REUTERS) - Kelly Ripa may not have a clue about where Clay Aiken's left hand has been, but readers of Postcards from the Pug Bus, the number 1 source of online celebrity satire in all of Southeastern Pennsylvania, certainly have their opinions.

Literally dozens of Pug Bus readers entered the popular website's First Annual Where Has Clay Aiken's Hand Been? contest.

"After carefully screening out the entries written entirely in uppercase or Chinese letters," said Biff Scuzzy, special promotions administrator for the Pug Bus, "we were able to identify the winner and the first four runners up."

Fourth runner up was "Sockpuppet," who assured us that Clay Aiken's left hand was "holding the hand of a child in Uganda as Unicef Ambassador for Children."

Third runner up was "OhDear," whose entry read, "Where were his hands? On his computer keyboard, typing away looking for chatrooms."

Second runner up was "Angie," who suggested that Mr. Aiken's hand was "holding a pretend steering wheel as he demonstrated to kids in Banda Ache how to do the driving dance moves to lighten their spirits."

First runner up, and potential contest winner should the actual winner be assassinated, is "RUBY RHINO": "Clay's hands were busy practicing tying little firm-but-gentle Boy Scout knots so that he could get his 'Neverland Ranch Leader' badge."

The surprise winner was John Paulus (or someone pretending to be John Paulus) : "I know where that hand was on January 2, 2006, and where he tried to put it," wrote Mr. Paulus, a former Green Beret. "He was using it trying to fist me, and later he had it on my junior trying to excite him. I better win since I am speaking from first-hand knowledge. No pun intended."

In other news, Britney Spears' coochie turned twenty-five yesterday. A source close to Ms. Spears' said she intended to spend it "in her birthday suit."

©The fine print: the editorial content on this page is fictional. Be advised to believe half of what you see and nothing of what you read. You must have a mental age no greater than eighteen to enjoy this site.

And Then There Were Three

In the current issue of the National Enquirer, Clay gets a shout out again!

The article notes Clay's romp with John, but also goes on to state that THREE men have come forward to tell their accounts of how Clay tried to seduce them on gay dating web sites.

We know about John, we know about Boston School Teacher, but who is mystery man # 3?

Hopefully details will emerge and Clay will learn to keep it zipped.