Sunday, December 3, 2006

Claymates at Last Nights Show

From what I understand, at last nights show, women were in the FOURTH row using binoculars. I wonder if the picture above is a represenation of what the binocular toting mates looked like last night. Look at these womens faces. Look at their shirts. Look at the rest of the people in the audience. The one that cracks me up is the person right over "big red's" shoulder wearing the white shirt, with arms crossed, looking TOTALLY unamused.

If the accounts I read of the show are correct, Clay singled the binocular toting Claymates for some special "snarky" attention and managed to get a dig in at Kelly Ripa all in one exchange. I wonder why he never jokes about the "Rosie" part of the scandal in his repartee?

He just doesn't get how he comes off. The Claymates don't get how they come off. WAKE UP!!

See Clay in action with the link below. Look at the piano player behind him. He looks like he's thinking "why won't this jerk shut up?" Clay just can't help but be an asshole.