Saturday, December 2, 2006

All is Well???

By now, most of you who read here have heard/seen Clay's performance last night of "All Is Well". All I can say is, holy shit!!! What happened??

Whether someone likes or hates Clay, it used to be accurate to say that he had a decent voice. I don't think that can be said anymore. He seems to have serious vocal issues going on. At the beginning of the song, it is clear that his lower register, if not already shot, is in trouble. He sounded like a foghorn or someone doing a take-off on a smarmy Vegas act.

The rasp is evident in his voice again, he was hitting clunker notes all over the place and by the end, he was howling like Tarzan trying to pass a kidney stone. I think I heard laughter from the audience and that's not usually a good thing to hear at a symphony performance.

Clay? Maybe you ought to think a bit more about making rehearsing a good portion of your time.

Even the ClayMates were astounded by how bad his performance was as you will see below.

just listened to the whole show... it was great!!! clay sounds absolutely perfect!

EXCEPT for the end of all is well... he must be so nervous! i've never heard clay sound so appauling in my whole life, it's so bad i'm actually sitting here going "LOL". sorry clay! i'll definitely pray for you so you can hit that high note!

Re: We are UP & Running around the Clock here!
Is there ant footage of DSIAFCD or AIW?

Let's be smart and NOT put those links on the internet. Clay doesn't need those files all over....let's wait for a wonderful version ... I'm sure there will be many great ones.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Clay's "gift" to his fans for his birthday.

Well, Clay blogged and made a big deal about how he was going to give a special "inside" gift for his fans on his birthday. What a guy, right??!? Clay never does anything if it doesn't serve a purpose for him. This house tour "gift" was not about his fans. Giving them a "gift" was never his intention. He was angry at one news organization and decided to get revenge on them by giving a "scoop" to a rival news organization. Making it a "gift" to his fans was an afterthought.
That helps explain the ugly Christmas tree that was so haphazardly thrown together. He had to do something to make it look like it was for the fans. But as always, it was all about Clay. Again, he used his fans and the ones who haven't woken up to his methods yet are thankful for the "gift" he bestowed upon them. THANKS, CLAY!!
Christmas with Clay 'American Idol' idol to give holiday concert at Genesee Theatre
November 30, 2006
WAUKEGAN -- A little more than three years ago, Clay Aiken was just another kid with a voice going up against Simon Cowell. Today, having achieved his professional dreams, he is yet another star being stalked by a media helicopter.
On the phone Wednesday morning from his home base in North Carolina,
Aiken said he had just conducted a media tour of the house he built nine months ago -- a tour he arranged as a bit of revenge against a local flying news crew.
"It started during this whole Kelly Ripa scandal," he said, referring to the tempest sparked earlier this month when he silenced and then outraged Ripa by placing his hand on her mouth while co-hosting "Live With Regis & Kelly."
"There was a news crew that was kind of rude about it -- they came up and rang my bell (and) flew their helicopter over my house," he said. "I thought, 'How rude is that?' So I called up their competition and invited them to come over to my house for a tour."

Though he laughed as he told the tale, Aiken was asked if he could do without the downside of his quick rise to fame. "Yeah," he said, "but I'm learning how to deal with it."

The "American Idol" star, who celebrates his 28th birthday today, is also learning to pace himself through life on the road. Friday night's appearance at the Genesee Theatre will be the first of 18 shows in 22 days, culminating Dec. 23 in Greensboro, N.C.

How will he pull off singing at the top of his register that often over that period of time? "Don't ask me how, because I've never done it before," he said. "When I did the first 'Idol' tour, we did, I think, 50 shows in about 60 days, so typically you do about five shows a week. This is six shows a week or more."

Adding to the challenge, Aiken said, will be performing at each stop with a local symphony. At the Genesee, he will be working with the FullScore Chamber Orchestra.

"Oh, my gosh, I'm going to tell on myself here, but we won't be doing any rehearsing ahead of time," he said. "We do have the same conductor who travels with us, but we're going to fly by the seat of our pants. (We'll) cross our fingers and hope it goes well."

Aiken then joked that "people will hear that and be like, 'Oh, I can't wait to see that train wreck.'" But he added that he will have the advantage of working with familiar material, having spent the last three Christmas seasons conducting some type of holiday tour.

"The first year, December of '03, I spent quite a bit of time leading into Christmas doing 'jingle jams' and (promotions) for radio stations. That did not feel like Christmas at all," he said. "But the last two years (with the Joyful Noise tours) and with a tour like this, people are in the Christmas spirit and we're doing all Christmas music, so it's kind of exciting.

"What I'm really excited about is that usually you just tour with a band; this is a full orchestra, and we're really going to focus on just the music," he said, adding that he has a tough time nailing down a favorite holiday song. "It's tough because every year it becomes something different. This year, I like 'Merry Christmas With Love' and 'Don't Save It All for Christmas,' which I close the show with. And then 'Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel' is probably my favorite standard."

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. Today is a day to raise awareness and call attention to those who currently live with HIV/AIDS and ways to educate to help prevent the spread of this disease throughout the world. AIDS is not a gay mans disease. AIDS is not an IV drug users disease. AIDS is EVERYONES disease. Godspeed towards a CURE!

There is an element within Clay's fanbase that sometimes express homophobic vitriole. It is not a large element, but it is a vocal element. I hope they, and all who read here will click on the link provided and learn the facts.

The House the ClayMates Built

Nice looking house, isn't it? Well, at least from the outside. IMO, the interior wasn't all that great and I have never seen a sicker looking Christmas tree in my life. It looked like it had been purchased as a floor model and hastily decorated with ornaments from ClayMates before Clay's house tour. Did anyone else notice any holiday decorations anywhere else in the house? Does anyone think the tree he showed is still standing now?
Anyway, it's great that Clay is able to lead the luxurious life he leads. Urging the Claymates to buy multiple copies of his CD's and reminding them of how much "competition" is out there(though, Clay has said himself he doesn't feel competitive..hmm) has served him well.
It's too bad that Clay now has a hand motion he employs to silence the people who helped him build this house. It's too bad that Clay ridicules them on national television by warning others "they'll beat you up". I wonder if when Clay goes to sleep at night in this house that the Claymates helped build, he doesn't giggle just a little bit.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Psycho Mats. What a classy bunch.

Apparently John has reached some resolution and decided to close his blog. You might think the Claymates might show a modicum of class and grace. Naaaaaaah! Here were some of the responses:

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said... SHUT THE FUCK UP SUPER HUGE FAG. YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE FUCKING FAGGOT YOU SICK BASTARD. --And you are a sad, sad woman with a pitiful life. Oh no I'm not. You are so fucking foolish. I have the best life in the fucking world!!!!!! If you only knew. I think you faggots are the fucking losers. Jealous faggots!
8:18 PM

Anonymous said...
I hate gays and if Clay IS gay, I hate him too. Faggots are disgusting pieces of filth.
7:22 PM

Anonymous said...
Can't read all the comments but for those who think Clay apologized to John. HA think again.
6:18 PM

As Clay would say: Let the games begin.