Saturday, December 16, 2006

Who's That Girl?

Saturday Night's Thud!

Clay is starting to look like an angry old woman! Just like the ClayMates, only much skinnier!

Courtesy of Celebith's Blog

How deluded ARE these people?? LMAO!!!

The Gays of Our Lives

Watch for the part where Glay gets excited that he will be getting a ride from "Steve".

Friday, December 15, 2006

Is Clay Becoming As Creepy As Michael Jackson?

There are some real comparisons to be made.

Both MJ and CA have had dramatic changes to their appearances that have NOT been for the better.

Both of them are ambiguous when discussing their sexuality.

Both of them are grown men who refuse to "grow up". Peter Pan Syndrome?

They both have a tendency to appear in public in pajamas.

They have both become jokes in mainstream America.

Michael plays with llamas, Clay plays with goats.

Both had abusive father figures.

They both appear about ready for sexual reassigment surgery.

They both have delusions of grandeur. MJ calls himself the "King of Pop", CA calls himself the "King of Controversy".

They both really ARE creepy!!

Will Clay Be Holding His Stool Tonight?

Only time will tell....

Howard Stern on Conan about JP and Clay



Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Excellent ClayMate Analysis

Read this on the blog earlier today and thought it was so good, it deserved it's own post.

VERY well said.
About Kelly Ripa, here are some quotes from the Clayboard:

Honestly, I don't think she would dare to be negative toward Clay. She found out quickly how loyal his fans are!

Fear us, Dripa, fear us!!!

FEAR the NATION, Ms. Kelly...FEAR the NATION...
Fear what nation, the Aryan Nation?!

Well, no, obviously we are talking about the Clay Nation.

While I find it hard to believe that a bunch of middle-aged, wannabe teenagers, are a group to be feared, it still pegs them as the lunatic fringe when they say things like, “I love it....if she knew what was good for her, she would never say anything bad about Clay ever again. She is so scared of us, it's laughable” - rather than just discussing that Kelly’s tantrum was childish and unnecessary, as their opinion.

Once again this over-the-top behavior, by the only Claymates seemingly allowed to express their opinions, is what makes potential normal fans hesitant to be associated with the whole Clay fandom. But, that’s ok. Sayeth a Claymate, “It's nice to know the leader of the Clay Nation has everything under control, knows just what to say, and has a great sense of humor . No wonder we adore him!”.

The “leader of Clay Nation” ?! Well, I guess by his own words, Clay does egg them on. I thought he was nice, or is he unintentionally egging them on, or does the problem lie in the fact that Clay can no longer be good-natured (about ribbing Ripa, and others) without his loyal Claymates turning it into a hateful backlash?

Statements like, the Claymates will beat you up, Claymates are family (yeah, more akin to a cult-like family!), and the Claymates should be proud of their forceful behavior, do not help matters.

Unfortunately, the mates have become so embittered that harmless statements, which were once fun and games, have become not so funny anymore. If Clay referred to their bizarre behavior, and left off the part about it being something to be “proud of”, then maybe it wouldn’t be so offensive to others who know just how threatening his Claymate family is toward other people.

Clay’s fan following was originally quite large, due to the attraction of his beautiful voice, and down home nice guy behavior. Fans used to have a lot of fun, and it was enjoyable to be a fan of his music. However, the numbers of fans have been dropping off as CD release dates stretched longer and longer, scandals replaced positive media, and the Claymates became more mean-spirited in the defense of their delusional, worshipful, over-zealous version of fandom.

The only people, who will tolerate that behavior, are the same kind.

Sodium Pentothal 12.14.06 - 5:48 pm

Banned from Claymate411

Referring Link No referring link
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City Jacksonville
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Visit Length 32 mins 29 secs
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Operating System Mac OS X
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Reason: Claymatishness


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Region Connecticut
City Plantsville
ISP Cox Communications
Returning Visits 10
Visit Length 36 mins 21 secs
Browser MSIE 7.0
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 800x600
Javascript Enabled
Reason: Claymatishness


Various Names
Host Name
IP Address
Country United States
Region Georgia
City Mcdonough
ISP Charter Communications
Reason: Profanity and spamming.


no user name
Referring Link
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Country United States
Region New Jersey
City Mt. Laurel
ISP Comcast Cable Communications Holdings Inc
Returning Visits 4
Visit Length 27 mins 17 secs
Browser MSIE 6.0
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 1024x768
Javascript Enabled
Reason: Disrespecting Admins of blog and general Claymate behavior.

Spammer Hall of Shame

Which fatmate spammer lives in Georgia and uses Windows ME?

It must be Adam. The obese, bipolar, racist boyfriend of Carrie.

Plastic Surgery : Clay Aiken? No way!

What genius in Clay Aiken's entourage decided that plumper lips would make him look more masculine? Whomever they are, they should be fired. Clay looked more manly when he started out than he does now. The shag haircut, the glass, heavy layer of foundation, and plumped up lips make him look like someone testing the waters before they decide to get a sex change.

Taken from


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ugliest Claymate contest

Post links of you favorite uglymate below. I'll start with a random picture of one of the claymates:

I was just informed that this photo is of a deceased Claymate who was dug up for the sole purpose of padding the numbers at the Raleigh, NC ATDW CD release party. Have you Claymates no shame?

Claymates Exposed

Here is the link to an intresting inside look at the psyche of the Claymates as seen through the eyes of filmaker Chris Alexis. Enjoy! 

Carol Fairlee loves Clay Aiken!


A ClayMate Created Collage

How sad is it that this is what old, overweight women do?

They are likely old enough to be Clay's grandmother and they sit and obsess about his dick. No wonder Clay hates them.

They don't have talking room to criticize ANYONE else.

Even WalMart Employee's Hate the ClayMates!

This was too good not to share! Enjoy!

Fun at Walmart today
I hate to start another topic but this was such a fun experience I thought it deserved its own topic.I put on fresh makeup and decided to brave the Walmart today to purchase 1 copy of Taylor's CD.

It's important to me that it count towards his opening week sales.

The parking was so bad, I had to park way down in the tire section which left my hair all windblown and probably cancelled out the fresh makeup.

I found Taylor's CD right away. It was front and center in the new releases section and they had plenty of copies. It was marked $13.99.

The man came over and told me it was really $9.72. Fanty's was the same price so I picked up one of hers as well. Anything to help the cause.

Then I went over to the Christmas section and asked the nice man for TransSiberian Orchestra. He was very helpful and found 3 different ones for me.

There were at least 5 copies of Clesus's AIW front and center.

Then I decided to check the ATDW stock, since there have been so many complaints.

I found the Clay Aiken tag and lo and behold it was filled with Christina Aguilara CD's. His were pushed way to the back.

The man came running over with the 5 copies of AIW. He said, here they are, I'm sure you are looking for these.

I loudly said "ewwwwwww, I don't want those, they suck". The guy just cracks up laughing and starts to tell me that there have been several catfights over that cd.

The day it came in, they had 25 copies and one lady tried to buy 20 and the other wanted to buy 30. Then they both started yelling at him and telling him the store was poorly stocked. He said it was unbelievable. He let them each have 5 copies, told them he was going back to the stockroom to look for more and he took the rest of the copies back there and just hid out until they left.

Then he started going on and on about how he saw him on TV and he looked and sounded awful and how he read all the tabloid stories.

He said the Claymates are horrible to deal with. They rearrange the stock, demand that employees go to the stockroom and count inventory and if they're not quick enough, they complain about the employees to the manager.

He also said that this is the only group who regularly buy more than 5 copies of the same CD.

I hope there were no Claymates within earshot, or the poor guy will probably be fired. I was looking over my shoulder on the way back to my car.

They probably took down my plate number and will be back to slash my tires.

Percocet, if you read here, feel free to take this over to your blog. We all know Claymates don't buy multiples.

And Claymates say "Haters" are Immature.

CorieLuvzClay Registered MemberPosts: 389(12/13/06 2:19 am)Reply ezSupporter
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
MAKIN??????????????ARE YOU STILL HERE????????????BOXERS............DSIAFCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teddyhugz11 Registered MemberPosts: 3829(12/13/06 2:26 am)Reply
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????????Oh Lawd Help Me! I'm downloading that one right now too.I was going to wait until I had all of them to watch, but after that tidbit of info I'm going to have to watch this one!

makinaiken1 Registered MemberPosts: 4890(12/13/06 2:27 am)Reply ezSupporter
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
corie....i am screwed...have to be upat 6 for work.....but omg...i am there right now it finished downloading...i love the way you think...cause i thought the same freakinthing for the other mefor i have sinned...i can't get pastthe freakin waist....get the bolognase ready..

CorieLuvzClay Registered MemberPosts: 390(12/13/06 2:32 am)Reply ezSupporter
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread're cracking me up...big time.....GET TO THE PART...."LET ALL THE CHILDREN KNOW"...AND THEN YOU WILL KNOW TOO!!!!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME CAUSE I'M GONNA BURN IN HELL FOR THIS ONE TONIGHT ...BUT IT'S SO WORTH IT!!!!! YES, hurry...double batch of bolognese is needed!!!!!

makinaiken1 Registered MemberPosts: 4891(12/13/06 2:38 am)Reply ezSupporter
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
I'M GONNA BURN IN HELL FOR THIS ONE TONIGHT i am hoping that no onesees me sitting her laughing mya__ off at you.....bless me lord for i have sinned..over and over and over and over again......i dont' know if even a double batchof bolognase will do it....we may haveto pull out the big guns...not even sausages....this calls for pepperoni....or's wider.see what i mean....i am going to hell for sure...
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makinaiken1 at: 12/13/06 2:39 am

CorieLuvzClay Registered MemberPosts: 393(12/13/06 2:40 am)Reply ezSupporter
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
Oh, Oh...neither Makin nor Teddy are back yet...I hope they didn't fall into the CLAY abyss...the bottom of the Drool Bucket is a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teddyhugz11 Registered MemberPosts: 3830(12/13/06 2:40 am)Reply
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
Hurry Teddy...ya can't go to sleep yet!!!! It is soooooooooooooo worth the loss of some zzzzz!!!
Oh don't you worry Corie, I have nothing special to wake up for in the morning so I'm going to be up for a very LONG time still!And you know what....?I just warched DSIA and Good Heavens!!!!!!!!I mean My Gawd.....just Lawd have mercy....THE PANTS!OH THE PANTS!Smug doesn't even begin to describe......Those were some very very very nice fitting...flattering....PANTS!*fans self*Actually, I'm going to need more than just a fan!

CorieLuvzClay Registered MemberPosts: 394(12/13/06 2:42 am)Reply ezSupporter
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread

teddyhugz11 Registered MemberPosts: 3831(12/13/06 2:46 am)Reply
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
If that's the case then I've got a seat waiting for me right next to you especially reserved for me because well....ah heck......that those pants..... makin, girl you are cracking me up over here!
i dont' know if even a double batchof bolognase will do it....we may haveto pull out the big guns...not even sausages....this calls for pepperoni....or's wider.see what i mean....i am going to hell for sure...
I think we need to expand a little further than that! know.....

makinaiken1 Registered MemberPosts: 4892(12/13/06 2:48 am)Reply ezSupporter
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
MA DONNA MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay...i am sitting here absolutely hystericalat my puter......i will not be fit for the kidstomorrow....with 3 hours of sleep...oh god..but it is so worth it....went back and watched it another 20 times..of course i scoot along the cursor until the "special" what can i needs a special device to carry thataround all does he do it???have to go to bed...sooooooooooooooodooooooooo nooooooooottttttttttwant to go....but must.....hold the "I" talian fort down for me...until tomorrow..while i am gone think of another recipethat will be able to handle all the...ahemmm"ingredients" we have seen tonight....this has been soo much i can sleep now....sheeesh...let me go and put on the food channel..maybe they are cooking pepperoni hugs.....makin

teddyhugz11 Registered MemberPosts: 3832(12/13/06 2:48 am)Reply
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread

YA THINK?????????

CorieLuvzClay Registered MemberPosts: 396(12/13/06 2:51 am)Reply ezSupporter
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread

makinaiken1 Registered MemberPosts: 4894(12/13/06 2:55 am)Reply ezSupporter
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
oh crap...i am still here...i did that the other day...when i stayedup too late....eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkshhhh.......during silent reading tomorrow,i will check whatother funnies you guys left here...that's why i love "teacher clay"....viola!!!...that's it....alfredo sauce...perfect....perfect....and the bacon..ONLY IF WE CAN USE THE THICK SLICED ONE..okay that is it....I AM NOT COMING BACK..*tells herself...shut the @#%$ computer...shut it..*
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makinaiken1 at: 12/13/06 2:56 am

teddyhugz11 Registered MemberPosts: 3833(12/13/06 3:06 am)Reply
Re: OFFICIAL Dec 12 Hartford Pictures and Video Thread
I'd love to give an award to his tailor or stylist...heck....they both deserve awards!!!!!
They deserve more than just awards! They deserve lifelong recognition for their services in making the man look even hotter!What I would give to be the one to dress Clay! And other things Is it completely wrong to want to be those pants?
Yeah that’s er….putting it mildly…..makin, so sorry you to have to leave us! You’ll be missed but we guarantee that the “I”talian fort will be held down for you until tomorrow and any other time you see fit!
one needs a special device to carry that around all does he do it???
I don’t know the answer to that….BUT I’d be MORE than willing to find out for all those who‘d like to know including myself!
like i can sleep now....sheeesh...let me go and put on the food channel..maybe they are cooking pepperoni tonight..
Good luck sleeping….with those thoughts of sugar plums dancing in your head! Okay we're getting seriously smutty here. I'm going to go give the video a few more watches too.....Good night to you also Corie! Ya'll are such a blast! What a party!Oh and about that alfredo sauce....sounds very to me! ~Teddy~

New Picture of Clay on Perez Hilton

Clay!! Wipe your mouth, man!! That's gross!!

Merry Christmas from Victoria's Secret

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The MANLY man spreads holiday cheer!


Tonight's Show

Will the Rabid Mates attack other symphony goer's with black tape?

Will Clay be snarky?

Will Clay actually hit the notes again?

But more importantly, will Clay's transformation into Chastity Bono be complete?

It's Always About Clay

King of Clay Nation brings smiles to young authors
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

By JD MaloneThe Express-Times

NAZARETH Students of Lower Nazareth Elementary School gathered Monday in the district high school's auditorium to celebrate 19 of their classmates.

They had no clue that "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken planned to join them.
Aiken, co-founder of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, which published the students' book, "Our Friend Mikayla," earlier this year, dropped in to thank them for writing it.

Mikayla Resh, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, became the center of a biography written and illustrated by her third-grade classmates two years ago. Mikayla's mother, Kimberly Resh, wanted to thank everyone involved and planned the all-school assembly.
"If the whole school wasn't so wonderful to my daughter, there would be no story," Resh said. "They are just amazing children."

The student body, totaling 686 children, sat and listened as Principal Rose Allshouse and Resh thanked various people for their support.

Kristy Barnes, president of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, announced the singer. (glad she's earning her salary)
The foundation works to have children with special needs included in the world around them.

Two girls from the school's chorus who were sitting in the f
ront row fell out of their seats. The rest of the students sat still, eyes wide as Aiken strolled on stage.

Aiken brought presents. The authors climbed the stage one by one to receive an inscribed copy of "My Friend Mikayla."

An autographed copy will also be given to every student at the school.
"May I read the book to you?" Aiken asked.
"Yes," the students chanted.
Aiken read the book as the illustrations were projected onto a large screen.
When he came to the page featuring himself on "American Idol," he stopped. "Who wrote this page?" Aiken asked.
In the front row, Logan Houptley's hand shot up. "Come on up here," Aiken said, and he asked Logan to read the page.

"I didn't know I was (going to read with Aiken), so I was really nervous," Logan said.
Victor Lesky, superintendent of the Nazareth Area School District, thanked Aiken and the students.
"Mikayla has added so much to the experience of the students at Lower Nazareth Elementary that she by far meant more to us than we have to her," Lesky said.

Before leaving, Aiken talked with the 19 authors and posed for numerous photographs. He wanted everyone to know that his foundation is more than lip service.
"I think that I have always said that it would be my goal that if I wasn't able to keep on singing to continue with the foundation," Aiken said. "I would love to think that this book will be (the students') legacy in a way and hope that what we do is something that lives on far longer than my own life."

Aiken, who was to appear Monday night at Easton's State Theatre, broke a personal rule to never sing before a performance. Leaning over Mikayla as Resh held her, Aiken sang a few lines from "When I See You Smile." (what a guy!)
According to Mike Resh, Mikayla's father, Aiken heard the students joke about wanting money for their book. Aiken didn't have money for them, but he heard one of them mention that riding in a limo would be cool. (limo NOT Clay's idea)

Aiken arranged for limousines to take the students back to school. On his way out, Aiken broke the news about the limousines. The students burst with excitement.
"Oh my God! Thank you!" Michael Allen said. "Is this a dream? A limo is the best. It is like the first time I'll be in a limo. It is so awesome!"

In front of the high school, the young authors piled into their limousines. The boys in one car cracked open cans of soda from the mini bar and the girls giggled with excitement in the other. They pulled away like pop stars -- maybe inspired by Aiken -- to horns honking, camera flashes and a few parents waving.
So Clay comes off like a hero while promoting a book that has (GASP) CLAY IN IT!!!

Go Get 'Em, TAYLOR!!

Good luck today to Taylor Hicks! It is great to see a man who has true integrity as a musician get the chance to make his dreams come true.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Clay: Classy People Ride in Limousines

Nothing else that needs to be said, really.

What's Next for Clay Aiken?

When Clay gets off the bus after his last show of this holiday tour, what will be next for him?


I've got nothing. Anyone?


Watch the mates be herded up like cattle and be ordered around.

Popes and Presidents have gotten closer to their supporters than Aiken wants to get to his.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A little treat!

Now to find the treat in this site, here are some instructions to help you find it.

Scroll down and and you'll see a box in the body of the site that says "12/5/06 Mat and Lucia Highlights". Click on that box. Then click on "Clay Aiken Note" and you will hear their comments and the Tarzan yell of AIW! It's hilarious! LOL!! Enjoy!!

Claysus Loves the Little Children

We were lucky enough to have one of our posters attend last nights show. This poster is a fan of Clay's and really enjoys his voice. This poster went to the show with an open mind and below you will find her thoughts about the show. According to the review below, Clay's voice was on last night. Good. Because his attempts at humor certainly weren't. Clay, shut up and sing.
Okay. I'm here sitting in my hotel room after seeing Clay's show in Williamsport, PA. Much to my delight, my hotel has wireless capability.
First off, Clay sang better tonight than I've heard him in a long time. I actually enjoyed his singing very much.I found some of his banter really funnly, but there were a few instances where he really humiliated people.
One incident is where he was doing the word of the day. I forget which mucical term it was (it was 2 words). He asked the audiance if anyone knew the word. He walked over to the right side of the stage, which was my section, and he looked out at the audiance and a woman a few rows behind me stood up. I gather she was raising her hand and he looked out at the audiance, maybe even looked at her.So she stands up and says "I speak Italian so... Then he interrupts her and in a very nasty way says "Did I call on you?" Everybody laughed and she just sunk down into her seat
.Another one was worse. A girl raised her hand. This time he told her to stand. He asked her her name and how old she was. She stated her name and said she was 15 years old and played an instrument, I forget which. He aked her where she's from, and she said New Jersey. So he asked her what the musical term meant, and I don't know if she froze up and went blank or what, but she just stayed silent for a few seconds. And then Clay said to her "Aren't you happy you came all the way from New Jersey to embarass yourself." And he walked away to the other end of the stage. Lord, she's 15!!
Another incident is he asked people in the front row where they're from and they said Williamsport. He then said "Did you come to see a Clay Aiken concert or the symphony?" The woman he was addressing answered that she's not a concert goer, she a symphony member.He then put on this hoity-toity voice (I've never used that phrase in my life, but it fits) sans southern accent, and he turned to the audiance and said, mimicking her, "I'm not a concert goer." He got laughs and repeated in that exaggerated voice, and sort of with his nose in the air, "I'm not a concert goer." Really, really mocking her.
The other day when I mentioned I was going but I've had plenty of doubts about him, someone here said when you see him you'll probably get sucked back in.Well, as I said I did enjoy his singing and I thought he looked better in person than the recent Clack I've seen, but his rude incensitive behavior is still a turn-off to me.
Oh, I just remember something, comment he made about Kelly Ripa.He did his usual joke, something about a hand over the mouth, and the Mates roared. But later on he was talking about small community theaters and like Hometown Connections type things. He said eveybody in show business started out doing those local show. Then he paused and said except Paris HIlton and Brittany Spears. People laughed somewhat at that. Then he lowered his voice a little and said "And also Kelly Ripa." The way he said her name was not even in a joking manner, it was filled with hate.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The girl from N.J. did not deserve to be treated that way. Clay claims that when he was growing up, he was frequently belittled. Clay should have some empathy for what that is like. He could have chosen to engage that child in a bit of conversation instead of cutting her down the way he did.
To anyone who reads here who has children, would you enjoy seeing your child treated that way? I feel badly for this child because evidentally, the adults with this child felt that the child's feelings were secondary to their unhealthy devotion to Clay Aiken. They let this child know that it's ok to let someone make you feel inferior if they are a celebrity or in a position of power.
Maybe Clay just has issues with children from N.J. . This isn't the first time he's been rude to them.And Clay? Who the fuck are YOU to make fun of a woman who enjoys the symphony?
Unlike YOU, some people have a sincere appreciation for quality music.
Clay, if you really were bullied as much as you claim, wouldn't you choose to not extend that behavior to others? You are a grown man now. There are no excuses. Stop the cycle of bullying. You are becoming the bully.