Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Excellent ClayMate Analysis

Read this on the blog earlier today and thought it was so good, it deserved it's own post.

VERY well said.
About Kelly Ripa, here are some quotes from the Clayboard:

Honestly, I don't think she would dare to be negative toward Clay. She found out quickly how loyal his fans are!

Fear us, Dripa, fear us!!!

FEAR the NATION, Ms. Kelly...FEAR the NATION...
Fear what nation, the Aryan Nation?!

Well, no, obviously we are talking about the Clay Nation.

While I find it hard to believe that a bunch of middle-aged, wannabe teenagers, are a group to be feared, it still pegs them as the lunatic fringe when they say things like, “I love it....if she knew what was good for her, she would never say anything bad about Clay ever again. She is so scared of us, it's laughable” - rather than just discussing that Kelly’s tantrum was childish and unnecessary, as their opinion.

Once again this over-the-top behavior, by the only Claymates seemingly allowed to express their opinions, is what makes potential normal fans hesitant to be associated with the whole Clay fandom. But, that’s ok. Sayeth a Claymate, “It's nice to know the leader of the Clay Nation has everything under control, knows just what to say, and has a great sense of humor . No wonder we adore him!”.

The “leader of Clay Nation” ?! Well, I guess by his own words, Clay does egg them on. I thought he was nice, or is he unintentionally egging them on, or does the problem lie in the fact that Clay can no longer be good-natured (about ribbing Ripa, and others) without his loyal Claymates turning it into a hateful backlash?

Statements like, the Claymates will beat you up, Claymates are family (yeah, more akin to a cult-like family!), and the Claymates should be proud of their forceful behavior, do not help matters.

Unfortunately, the mates have become so embittered that harmless statements, which were once fun and games, have become not so funny anymore. If Clay referred to their bizarre behavior, and left off the part about it being something to be “proud of”, then maybe it wouldn’t be so offensive to others who know just how threatening his Claymate family is toward other people.

Clay’s fan following was originally quite large, due to the attraction of his beautiful voice, and down home nice guy behavior. Fans used to have a lot of fun, and it was enjoyable to be a fan of his music. However, the numbers of fans have been dropping off as CD release dates stretched longer and longer, scandals replaced positive media, and the Claymates became more mean-spirited in the defense of their delusional, worshipful, over-zealous version of fandom.

The only people, who will tolerate that behavior, are the same kind.

Sodium Pentothal 12.14.06 - 5:48 pm