Sunday, December 10, 2006

Claysus Loves the Little Children

We were lucky enough to have one of our posters attend last nights show. This poster is a fan of Clay's and really enjoys his voice. This poster went to the show with an open mind and below you will find her thoughts about the show. According to the review below, Clay's voice was on last night. Good. Because his attempts at humor certainly weren't. Clay, shut up and sing.
Okay. I'm here sitting in my hotel room after seeing Clay's show in Williamsport, PA. Much to my delight, my hotel has wireless capability.
First off, Clay sang better tonight than I've heard him in a long time. I actually enjoyed his singing very much.I found some of his banter really funnly, but there were a few instances where he really humiliated people.
One incident is where he was doing the word of the day. I forget which mucical term it was (it was 2 words). He asked the audiance if anyone knew the word. He walked over to the right side of the stage, which was my section, and he looked out at the audiance and a woman a few rows behind me stood up. I gather she was raising her hand and he looked out at the audiance, maybe even looked at her.So she stands up and says "I speak Italian so... Then he interrupts her and in a very nasty way says "Did I call on you?" Everybody laughed and she just sunk down into her seat
.Another one was worse. A girl raised her hand. This time he told her to stand. He asked her her name and how old she was. She stated her name and said she was 15 years old and played an instrument, I forget which. He aked her where she's from, and she said New Jersey. So he asked her what the musical term meant, and I don't know if she froze up and went blank or what, but she just stayed silent for a few seconds. And then Clay said to her "Aren't you happy you came all the way from New Jersey to embarass yourself." And he walked away to the other end of the stage. Lord, she's 15!!
Another incident is he asked people in the front row where they're from and they said Williamsport. He then said "Did you come to see a Clay Aiken concert or the symphony?" The woman he was addressing answered that she's not a concert goer, she a symphony member.He then put on this hoity-toity voice (I've never used that phrase in my life, but it fits) sans southern accent, and he turned to the audiance and said, mimicking her, "I'm not a concert goer." He got laughs and repeated in that exaggerated voice, and sort of with his nose in the air, "I'm not a concert goer." Really, really mocking her.
The other day when I mentioned I was going but I've had plenty of doubts about him, someone here said when you see him you'll probably get sucked back in.Well, as I said I did enjoy his singing and I thought he looked better in person than the recent Clack I've seen, but his rude incensitive behavior is still a turn-off to me.
Oh, I just remember something, comment he made about Kelly Ripa.He did his usual joke, something about a hand over the mouth, and the Mates roared. But later on he was talking about small community theaters and like Hometown Connections type things. He said eveybody in show business started out doing those local show. Then he paused and said except Paris HIlton and Brittany Spears. People laughed somewhat at that. Then he lowered his voice a little and said "And also Kelly Ripa." The way he said her name was not even in a joking manner, it was filled with hate.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The girl from N.J. did not deserve to be treated that way. Clay claims that when he was growing up, he was frequently belittled. Clay should have some empathy for what that is like. He could have chosen to engage that child in a bit of conversation instead of cutting her down the way he did.
To anyone who reads here who has children, would you enjoy seeing your child treated that way? I feel badly for this child because evidentally, the adults with this child felt that the child's feelings were secondary to their unhealthy devotion to Clay Aiken. They let this child know that it's ok to let someone make you feel inferior if they are a celebrity or in a position of power.
Maybe Clay just has issues with children from N.J. . This isn't the first time he's been rude to them.And Clay? Who the fuck are YOU to make fun of a woman who enjoys the symphony?
Unlike YOU, some people have a sincere appreciation for quality music.
Clay, if you really were bullied as much as you claim, wouldn't you choose to not extend that behavior to others? You are a grown man now. There are no excuses. Stop the cycle of bullying. You are becoming the bully.