Saturday, December 2, 2006

All is Well???

By now, most of you who read here have heard/seen Clay's performance last night of "All Is Well". All I can say is, holy shit!!! What happened??

Whether someone likes or hates Clay, it used to be accurate to say that he had a decent voice. I don't think that can be said anymore. He seems to have serious vocal issues going on. At the beginning of the song, it is clear that his lower register, if not already shot, is in trouble. He sounded like a foghorn or someone doing a take-off on a smarmy Vegas act.

The rasp is evident in his voice again, he was hitting clunker notes all over the place and by the end, he was howling like Tarzan trying to pass a kidney stone. I think I heard laughter from the audience and that's not usually a good thing to hear at a symphony performance.

Clay? Maybe you ought to think a bit more about making rehearsing a good portion of your time.

Even the ClayMates were astounded by how bad his performance was as you will see below.

just listened to the whole show... it was great!!! clay sounds absolutely perfect!

EXCEPT for the end of all is well... he must be so nervous! i've never heard clay sound so appauling in my whole life, it's so bad i'm actually sitting here going "LOL". sorry clay! i'll definitely pray for you so you can hit that high note!

Re: We are UP & Running around the Clock here!
Is there ant footage of DSIAFCD or AIW?

Let's be smart and NOT put those links on the internet. Clay doesn't need those files all over....let's wait for a wonderful version ... I'm sure there will be many great ones.