Thursday, November 30, 2006

Psycho Mats. What a classy bunch.

Apparently John has reached some resolution and decided to close his blog. You might think the Claymates might show a modicum of class and grace. Naaaaaaah! Here were some of the responses:

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said... SHUT THE FUCK UP SUPER HUGE FAG. YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE FUCKING FAGGOT YOU SICK BASTARD. --And you are a sad, sad woman with a pitiful life. Oh no I'm not. You are so fucking foolish. I have the best life in the fucking world!!!!!! If you only knew. I think you faggots are the fucking losers. Jealous faggots!
8:18 PM

Anonymous said...
I hate gays and if Clay IS gay, I hate him too. Faggots are disgusting pieces of filth.
7:22 PM

Anonymous said...
Can't read all the comments but for those who think Clay apologized to John. HA think again.
6:18 PM

As Clay would say: Let the games begin.