Friday, December 1, 2006

The House the ClayMates Built

Nice looking house, isn't it? Well, at least from the outside. IMO, the interior wasn't all that great and I have never seen a sicker looking Christmas tree in my life. It looked like it had been purchased as a floor model and hastily decorated with ornaments from ClayMates before Clay's house tour. Did anyone else notice any holiday decorations anywhere else in the house? Does anyone think the tree he showed is still standing now?
Anyway, it's great that Clay is able to lead the luxurious life he leads. Urging the Claymates to buy multiple copies of his CD's and reminding them of how much "competition" is out there(though, Clay has said himself he doesn't feel competitive..hmm) has served him well.
It's too bad that Clay now has a hand motion he employs to silence the people who helped him build this house. It's too bad that Clay ridicules them on national television by warning others "they'll beat you up". I wonder if when Clay goes to sleep at night in this house that the Claymates helped build, he doesn't giggle just a little bit.