Thursday, December 7, 2006

Clay "Plays" With the ClayMates

Let's let the ClayMate's tell it themselves. It's too ridiculous to try to explain.

nky4clay ClayBoard HappyPosts: 6494(12/6/06 7:51 am)Reply ezSupporter
Teacher the buses last night!!!

Well, right around 12:10, Clay and Jerome walk out to the front of the bus. We hopped out of the car and crossed the street. There were about 20 people there. Clay is standing by the drivers seat, and Jerome comes out of the bus. Jerome says "Listen up! Clay wants to play!" And he goes on to say that Clay wanted to play a game, and whoever could answer correctly, would be allowed to go on the bus. OH........MAH............GAWD!!!!! Here's the test -- the first person to sing the first verse of ......... CRAP! I forget the name of the song! Darnit! one knew it. Jerome and Clay left for a minute. Then they came back -- new test.... First person to name the president of the US that had the most children..... NOPE! No one knew that one either. We're all screaming out president's names -- random guesses. Clay said " nope -- wrong -- It's Tyler" Next question......Name the capital of the COUNTRY of Georgia. Huh? Who the frick knew that Georgia was a country somewhere? (actually, I'd heard of it, but what the......???) Nope -- no one got that one either. Final question -- name the fourth largestest populated country. The top three are....China, India, US. What's number 4? People are screaming out countries names. Clay is standing there pointing his finger, searching....he heard it. But who said it? He's searching......FOUND HER! No -- not me. But, it was someone I knew. (oh -- and the answer was Indonesia) OMG! I was so happy for her! And playing with Clay was just sooooo FUN!! He was so animated standing up there in the bus watching us and playing teacher Clay. VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!! It was TOTALLY worth waiting around for THAT!!! She got to go on the bus for about 5 minutes. She got her pic taken with Clay and got his autograph too. She was on cloud nine when she got off that bus!!!


scrpkymPosts: 636(12/6/06 11:27 am)Reply
Re: Teacher the buses last night!!!

OMG! did he actually say that himself? Did the word 'India' come out of his mouth?

No -- Clay didn't ask the questions. Jerome did. Clay just stood in the bus making faces and hand motions at us. One of my favorite -- he held up his hands with his fingers spread apart, and put them down one at a time. He was counting down the time until the game was over.THOSE HANDS!!!!!! GAH!!!


kmammam Clayboard MemberPosts: 1235(12/6/06 6:31 pm

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I was the lucky winner...BUS TIME WOOOO HOOOOOO
Here is what I posted last night. I am dead. I did not get home til 3 am missed exits left and right took wrong turns becuase I could not think clearly after being with Clay. It was amazing. A normally 1 hr drive took an hour and a half. I could not get to sleep until 4 am and only got 2 hrs. I had to go to work and was incoherent, hypomanic from meeting Clay and from lack of sleep. I got only 3 patient care notes done and that was it. LOL I was reading things and could not concentrate. LOLHi guys. Marge here. I have had quite a night. Suffice it to say CLay was his sweet,cute ,funny, beautiful and amazing self. There were a lot of newbies at the concert; I'd say about 75-80 percent of the audience were newbies and there were many Clayversions and he is going to sell a lot of CD's. Clay came out after the show and there was a line of maybe 75-100 people and he shook hands with us all. Then a few of us really clayzy fans decided to stay even after and bug Clay and Jerome and aslo some of us were just having fun. (More of which I will explain later tomorrow after I get some sleep and darn got to go to work very busy). I have a tradition after shows if I am going to stay over at the buses I don't try to shake hands, been there done that oncethat was enough for me. But I like to be there for support. To let him know he is loved. And to wave good bye to him, and sometimes cheer for him. Well it was cold and I was very tired and I was thinking come on Clay get that bus moving so I can wave you off. But I decided to stay because we were having a lot of fun which I will explain later. At any rate Clay decided he would amuse hisself with us too. So he decided to play a trivia game with us and the prize was to be able to get on the bus and talk with Clay. Several questions were asked and man he asked hard ones. But on the final question he asked (actually he sent Jerome out to ask all the questions) He asked what is the 4 th most populous sountry in the worl. LOL he was gracious this time and gave us the first 3 countries....Well guess what guys I cannot believe my luck. I answered correctly and I got to go on the bus with Clay. After that experience and sharing it with the peeps outside I had to drive home. Now let me tell you after an experience like that it was not easy to make it home. Not thinking too clearly. DOn't kill me but i got to get up in 4 hours to go to work so I am going to have to save details for later when I can actually think. He is as sweetie. OK I will write tomorrow. I will probably be pinching myself
for a few days. Marge


Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. Don't these people have ANY pride?? How sad. How much more arrogant can Clay get?