Friday, December 8, 2006

"Clay"(??) Blogs about the Christmas Tree

12/08/06 : O Christmas Tree
I am sure that by now most of you have seen the footage from Lynda Loveland's "inside look" into the new house. If you recall, there was a very special Christmas tree spotlighted during the tour. The Fan tree is in my assistant's office and is covered from top to bottom with ornaments given to us from fans all over the world. To each of you who have given us an ornament over the past three years I want to extend a heartfelt "thank you." You truly are the most amazing fans in the world. Hopefully we will have some pictures of the tree in the media section very soon. Enjoy!
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Doesn't Clay usually use more exclamation marks? I can only find one in the whole post.
This blog does not sound like Clay. He doesn't mention the tour at all or any of the people he's encountered. When you compare this blog with the "chatty Clay", "King of Controversy" that we've seen lately, it doesn't mesh.
And that poor, sorry looking Christmas tree! It looks like they hauled a floor model out of K-Mart and threw it together within minutes of the cameras arriving. I don't see Faye's decorator touch, there.
Now, to add insult to injury, the world knows that this tree that is oh so special to Clay is in his assistant's office.
Let's not forget the reason for the "insider gift" to his ClayMates. He was pissed at one news station for invading his space, so to get revenge, he gave this exclusive tour to a rival station.
But Clay's story is that it's really all about the fans.