Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Clay : HEY EVERYBODY!!! Look at my PENIS!!

At last night's show, Clay lost his mind and decided a family, holiday performance would be a good time to put his penis in the spotlight.

During his usual "witty" exchanges with the fans that he's been initiating lately, some Claymate came up with the "oh so funny" idea to tell Clay that his zipper was open. Can we say "third grade" here?

Instead of ignoring the juvenile comment and moving right along, Clay decided to make the banter about his crotch. He even pulled up a stool so that "Sharon" could get a bird's eye view of his genitals.

If Kelly Clarkson had done something like this, the Claymates would be crucifying her. For some reason, when Clay behaves this way at a family oriented performance, the Claymates find it hilarious.

What happened to the Clay who wanted to be a role model and an example? What happened to the Clay who wanted all his performances to be family friendly? Wasn't it Clay who said he was embarrassed to be with his mother at an awards show where the content was somewhat sexual in nature?

To be calling attention to his genitals in a performance where he would also be singing songs like " Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel" and "Mary, Did You Know" is so inappropriate, it is mind boggling. Clay, what were you thinking?

What Faye is thinking today?