Sunday, March 4, 2007

Clay Aiken: Fibber?

Clay Aiken has claimed to have had a lifelong fear of water and has also claimed he dislikes Mexican food.
Here is a blog where Clay opines about his dislike for Mexican Food:
05/17/0610:25 AM: Mexican food... BLECH!
Who guessed Mexican food?
I just can't handle it. Too spicy. Too messy. Too pasty. Too dry. There's really nothing about it that I like. The only Mexican food that I can eat is Taco Bell soft tacos, and we all know that isn't really Mexican. It's Ameri-exican. Now, I know that it is almost a certainty that 5 or 6 of you are going to respond to this blog and tell me that YOU could make me some Mexican that I would like. Let me save you thte time. No you can't! --- I am sure you are marvelous cooks. In the south we only need to fry things once to make em good. What's with all of this refried mess?
Well, here are some pictures of him splashing happily in the surf and looking quite happy carrying his take out order from Baja Fresh.
Clay, why tell such stupid little lies? You can't even stop yourself from lying about things that are UNIMPORTANT.
Why would anyone believe anything you say about things that ARE important?