Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Just Clearing Some Things Up

Any of you who are new to the blog to either love it or hate it, need to read these posts.
In them are John Paulus's e-mails to me about Clay Aiken.
In the meantime, in public, John always talked about how he has moved on and wants Clay to succeed, and was concerned about Clay's depression.
The following links, best read in order, will show you want John was REALLY saying about Clay Aiken.
NONE of these e-mails are altered and I'll be happy to forward copies to anyone who might be interested in inspecting for themselves.






After these blogs were posted, John Paulus went a little nuts and made a blog recanting his story, which he then deleted.
Then he promised details about how THIS blog was behind his year long campaign and he never came through.

He couldn't. He didn't.
There IS NO TRUTH to what he was saying.
Then he went to diversion and posted all about his date this weekend and hoped nobody would want to talk about the events of the past couple of days.

Now even that blog is gone.

And he calls ME a liar.

Read and decide for yourselves.