Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Blog Site That Posted The Truth

As most of this blogs readers and participants know, there have been some versions of the events of late that have been picked up by other outlets and reported innacurately.

There was one site, however that did post the truth. I personally thank the site and the people who run it.

Here it is:

Correcting The Record: The Truth behind the John PaulusClay Aiken story
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Article Written By T.S. Owner Of The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad

In November, John closed down his blog about Clay Aiken after supposedly receiving an apology from Aiken regarding how Paulus was treated during and after their alleged sexual encounter. At that time, I arranged with John Paulus to start the blog currently knownas "The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad".

While John Paulus did not participate onthe blog very often, he did e-mail me and tried to float information about Clay Aiken to me.

I often did not post this information as it was mostly things about Clay Aiken's manhunt hook-ups and even implied drug use by Clay Aiken.
I could not prove any of those allegations, so I did not post about them.

John was extremely critical of Clay Aiken in all the e-mails he sent to me,which I have now posted on my blog.

They can be seen here:

Recently, John Paulus started posting on my blog scolding people about howClay Aiken is suffering from depression and we were all making it worse.

I knew he was being a hypocrite because of the e-mails he was sending me.

Through e-mails, I called him on his behavior and asked him to stop causing trouble on my blog and also brought up his hypocrisy regarding his feelings about Clay Aiken. At that point, John Paulus's e-mails to me began taking on a menacing tone and he made subtle threats to reveal information about me.

To protect myself, I then posted all of the e-mails and made public what John Paulus REALLY thought and was saying about Clay Aiken.

Apparently, after the publication of those e-mails, John Paulus panicked.

In a desperate effort to divert, he then claimed in a blog that he later deleted, that he never met Clay Aiken for sex on January 2, 2006, but was put up to the story by members of my blog and carried out his campaign against Clay Aiken in return for a contract with Michael Lucas, who runs a pornographic film company.

Now this story has made it's way to other outlets and it is completely untrue, I feel compelled to speak out to correct the blatant lie that John Paulus has created about both me and the people on my blog.

I haven't, nor has my blog, ever backed John Paulus as a front person in his campaign against Clay Aiken. The idea that we could connect him with Michael Lucas is ludicrous and perhaps Michael Lucas should be asked how his association with John Paulus began.

Again, anyone who wishes may view the e-mails I referred to earlier

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Thanks to this site for printing the truth.