Monday, March 5, 2007

Clay Aiken : "Not So Nice"

There is another report from someone with apparently no agenda whatsoever that Clay is a bitch.

This account comes from Charlotte Reed, who is an international pet expert. Renowed for her pet know-how, energy and wit, she is a popular television and radio guest, writer, spokesperson and lecturer.

Here's what she had to say:

This is a morning for ATL news. I just read in US Magazine that Usher is engaged to long time, ATL hottie. I met her once with Usher and she seems like a sweet girl. I met them both when Usher and I were doing The View. I must admit I was shocked that for such a big, big star, Usher was so sweet and nice. His mother raised him right. Very personable and ladies, he is even an animal lover. Clay Aiken with his pooch was there too. Just so you know, he's not such a big star and not so nice. I was extremely unimpressed. I guess he was worried that JOY would ask him abut his sexual preference.