Friday, March 2, 2007

Open letter to Clay Aiken: Idol or Idle

Clay, I think you are a piece of shit for sitting idly by while a deranged segment of your fans stalks anyone who says a negative word about you. What the heck are you thinking? Are you so stoked by the attention you are getting from these mentally ill fans, that you don't even have the decency to call them on the carpet for their conduct? How can you live with yourself knowing that your fans attack the fans of someone you supposedly have a friendship with? They even attack people for liking you less then before or saying that they dislike your new haircut. Do you find this sort of scary behavior funny? These people are doing this in your name and claiming to have the approval of your mother to stalk these people. Do you realize that?

I understand that you are not directly responsible for the actions of strangers but you could easily "call off the dogs" in one blog post. Your rabid fans look up to you and they follow your example. They think you are condoning their actions by your silence. Be direct and tell them to knock it off before someone gets seriously hurt and killed. If not, then it will be on your conscience when someone takes the law into their own hands to either defend you or defend their family against your lunatic fans. You really ought to get your head out your ass and take some kind of step to exculpate yourself from this mess before it's too late.