Friday, March 2, 2007

A Nutjob in a Nutshell

Here's what I think happened in a nutshell.

JP and CA hooked up. JP turned stalker and led his campaign for an apology for months on end. If anyone believes he was acting on behalf of anyone else, that's just silly.

John was obsessed with Clay Aiken and getting an apology. John got the apology and became obsessed then, (abused woman syndrome) with becoming close to Clay. Wanting to earn the love and trust of the person who rejected him. He probably did have some communications with Clay because Clay wanted to shove a pacifier in JP's mouth and keep him quiet.

Meanwhile, JP acts like a jealous lover and bashes Clay in e-mails, talks all kinds of shit whenever Clay doesn't pay enough attention to him and generally is a hypocrite. All is well (pardon the pun) when Clay is paying attention to John. When Clay does not communicate with John or DARES to hook up with another man, even though he is single and free to do so, John gets pissed and starts e-mailing shit about Clay.

I publish the e-mails and all the bad things that John had to say about Clay are now exposed and Clay has probably seen them and no longer wants anything to do with John. John was freaking last night in the e-mails he sent to me until I blocked them. You can all read them in the previous blog posts from yesterday if you haven't read them already. He tried to accuse me of causing Clay to almost have a breakdown and I was not accepting responsibility. A few hours later, John completely loses his mind and comes up with his pathetic story about how it was all a lie. If it's all a lie, why is Clay having a breakdown about the revelations like John was telling me a few hours earlier?

John freaked the fuck out. Now he is trying desperately to get himself back into Clay's good graces by concocting this bullshit story about how they never met, thinking this sacrifice of his will get Clay's attention and get Clay to believe that John has "atoned".

In the end, none of it makes any difference. There are plenty of other accounts besides the "almighty" John Paulus's of Clays sexual preference. And that's just a small part of the problem most people on this blog have with Clay. It's the overall fraud and the way he treats people like shit. It's a pattern he's had for his whole life, it's probably never going to change unless Clay hit's bottom.

And there's what I think in a nutshell.