Monday, February 26, 2007

Congratulations to OSCAR WINNER, Jennifer Hudson!

Congratulations to Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA and now OSCAR WINNER, JENNIFER HUDSON!

Jennifer Hudson is proof that true talent will rise and be recognized and does not need to be artificially inflated.

Jennifer Hudson is proof that humility will get you much further than arrogance.

Jennifer Hudson is proof that even if you don't fit a certain mold, if you are good enough and you work hard, you can acheive anything you want to.

Recently, Clay Aiken had this to say about Jennifer Hudson:

“I’m so jealous, because I was considered the most successful Idol loser, and now I’m not,” Aiken said when asked whether he’s spoken to the fellow AI castoff. “She has won a Golden Globe … and she deserves the Academy Award, and now I’m second place again.”

Awww, poor Claybie. Hope he isn't too sad and jealous today. He doesn't need to worry about being in second place again. Before too long he's going to be NO PLACE.

(please click on picture to enlarge and truly appreciate it's magnificence!)