Monday, February 26, 2007

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Ok! A poster named "Nancy" on the blog yesterday said this:

PERCOCET! I think it's time for you admit that you are not DirectorSandy and stop letting her take the wrap for your blog. Maybe it would be funny if it was your personal information being posted, but it's not funny when an innocent person is being harrassed for someone else's actions.Nancy 02.25.07 - 4:07 pm #

I denied that I had ever put it out there that I am Director Sandy, it's just a myth that has been started by the crazy Claymates. I've also been accused of being Rickey(?? don't even know who that is), Groucho, SHF (I didn't mind that one so much. I like him) Emach, Michelle (???another one I've never heard of) and recently was informed that I was believed to be all of the following people: TinFoilHat,director,directorSandy,button50, pfflyers, rumpydumpy, Regency,jubert, Focus, and masterpeace.

Well, guess what, Claymates? I'm none of them. I don't have a long history as a "hater". I was "Ann Yerism" and am "MissAnnneThrope" on SUCKS and at Tins. I was not a Ruben fan, I didn't even watch season one, so I was not a Kelly Clarkson fan. One thing I knew was that since the first time I laid eyes on Clay during season two, I disliked him intensely and pegged him as a phony.

While posting my thoughts about Clay Aiken at SUCKS, I was attacked by Chexxxy and all of her different personalities and other crazy mates. I was so amused by their pathetic antics, that when I heard about the Tin Foil Hat message board, I joined there. From there, I made my way to JP's blog and from there, to here.

So Chexxxy, it is really mostly thanks to you that this blog exists. I hope it makes you proud to be Clay's bestest fan in the whole wide world! LOL!!'ve got my picture. Hurry and run and put it on all your private sites and everytime you see my smiling face, know that it's because of people like YOU that this blog exists. :) By the way...I was never a Kelly Clarkson fan before....but after all the hoopla you guys raised about her and all the attacks on her and calling me a Kelzbian, I decided to check her music out. Turns out I really like it! You've made me into a fan! Thanks for that!

To those of you who post and read my blog, I say to you, It is truly nice to "meet" you, so to speak. :)

Some of you may already have known that I went by "MissAnnneThrope", some of you may have known "MissAnnneThrope" but didn't know it was me. Well, now you do. From me to you, whether as "MissAnnneThrope" or "Percocet", so many of you here have become a joy to me and I truly am thankful for all the smiles you give me everyday!