Friday, February 2, 2007

“Did someone just called me fat?” The Clay Aiken Workout!

I missed Gayken’s full GMA appearance. I did catch the tail end of it when he was asked about Jennifer Hudson (what an asshole!). I missed his “fat” question, but would have loved to have seen it. Since he is concerned about his current bloated appearance, and being the kindhearted person that I am, I wanted to offer some help. I search for the BEST exercise video I could find and I could not have found a more appropriate one than the one appearing here.

Gayken, these people seem to know what works for them; I’m sure it will help you too. Give it a try, but if you don’t want to do it or think it’s a waaaaste of your tiiiime, you can do what you do best, ask your cult followers to do YOUR work. I’m sure they will do it and at the same time they can benefit from it as well. Have fun!