Friday, February 2, 2007

Clay Aiken: Stop Insulting Our Intelligence.

This has been a bad week for Clay Aiken. First, he got caught again, trolling for sex on Manhunt.

Then, in what appears to be either a moment of insanity or mind altered delirium, he issued middle of the night blog challenge to his OFC members in the form of a "contest" to create scenarios involving Clay in a scandal, while seeming to slap down all former allegations made against him as "tall tales". In Clayland, where all talk of scandal was always prohibited, it must have raised a few eyebrows when Clay himself opened the door to all kinds of scandal talk.

Now, there are stories everywhere about Clay's jealousy of Jennifer Hudson's success.

The Claymates are wondering why everyone seems "out to get" Clay.

The reason is really pretty simple. People get angry when their intelligence is insulted, and Clay, his enablers and the Claymates insult the intelligence of most thinking people.

It insults the intelligence of most people when they hear about the large numbers of CD's Clay has sold when they know damn well that those numbers are inflated by organized, multiple buying campaigns. It insults the intelligence of most people when they hear about how "popular" Clay is according to polls, when they know that the polls have been spammed by Claymates.

It insults the intelligence of most people when they hear about what a "humanitarian" Clay is.

What has Clay done for humanity that hasn't somehow promoted himself? When he visited the school where the book "Our Friend Mikayla" was composed, he received a lot of coverage for the visit and while he was there, he singled out the child who wrote about CLAY AIKEN for more attention than was given to Mikayla herself. When Clay encouraged his fans to raise money for Lebanese children through UNICEF, it had to be done through a special link where Clay would be sure to get credit.

It insults the intelligence of most people when they hear what a good Christian boy Clay is when there are multiple accounts of Clay treating people like shit and being dishonest in all aspects of his life. These accounts have come from people who knew him growing up, people who have worked with him, people who have shared personal encounters with him and people who are his fans.

It insults the intelligence of most people when Clay seeks to portray himself as a role model and encourages others to "always be yourself" when the life Clay leads seems to ignore that advice.

Clay, almost all people outside of "ClayNation" believe you are gay. You insult peoples intelligence when you allow and encourage your Claymates to defend your supposed heterosexuality and attack anyone who dares to suggest you are not heterosexual. You insult people's intelligence when you will not address any of the rumors yourself, but instead manipulate your fans to "fight back" for you. That's just pathetic. You want to fight back? Go do it YOURSELF. Address what you call "tall tales" and set the record straight YOURSELF.

So, why does it seem that so many people have it in for Clay Aiken? Clay treats people like they are stupid and people, whether they be in the press or the public at large don't like to be treated that way.

Clay, stop insulting our intelligence.