Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Clay Aiken: Big Fat Chicken?

One of our very astute and observant blog posters today referred to Clay as a "big, fat chicken".
Tomorrow, Clay will be on Good Morning America, and though the reported focus of his appearance is supposed to be about UNICEF, in the teasers about Clay's appearance, it is said that Clay will be talking about EVERYTHING!
Will he? Or is he going to answer pre-screened questions and discuss pre-agreed upon topics?
Will he answer if a question is asked about his treatment of Joshua Willard?
Will he answer if a question is asked about the new web-cam shots of him trolling for men on the internet and holding his ring adorned fingers up for confirmation of his identity?
Will he finally answer questions about his sexuality with something other than a non-answer?
Will he talk about ATDW and what a disappointment it was?
Will he talk about why he was still ripping Ripa after supposedly making sure things were cool between them?
Will he be able to say anything at all about the direction of his career?
Will Clay really talk about everything or is he going to be a big, fat chicken?
Stay Tuned!