Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Clay Aiken : Being Framed??

Clay Aiken Being Framed for Gay Stripping Online Chat?

Posted on January 30, 2007 at 9:12 am (PST)

Clay Aiken fans, Clay-mates, are irate and claiming it was a Clay imposter who stripped for a web cam.

Clay-mates identify so strongly with Clay, they feel anything said about him is said about them. The obsession over Clay borders on insanity. Just a few months ago, video was posted on YouTube of clay hitting some bad high notes as his voice crumbled. Clay-mates sent in fraudulent notices to YouTube saying the videos were copyrighted by them, the videos were taken down, and the account holders lost their accounts permanently.

Late this month Clay was caught on manhunt.net, not once, but twice, trying to pick up guys online. Does that look like Clay in the picture above? It sure does to me. Clay-mates are going crazy that anyone would accuse Clay of being gay, as if it’s a bad thing. Sounds like Clay-mates are more reluctant for Clay to admit he is gay than Clay himself. Clay could oil himself up, make a gay porn, do an interview admitting it was him in the movie, and still Clay-mates would riot and deny it.

Sorry Clay, it looks like the Clay-mates are blocking the door to the closet you’re in.

Pssst, go out the back door.