Monday, January 8, 2007

"The World's Best ClayMate" An Open Letter to Chexxxy

To Chexxxy,

You like to act like you are the best ClayMate in the world.

You like to play it like you are tough renegade in the Clay Nation.

You like to post the personal information and pictures of people who have never done anything to you. All they have done is not share your deluded love for Clay Aiken.

You are a coward. You don't have the balls to do what you do out in the open.

A friend of yours was here at this blog and was upset that her picture had been posted here, out in the open.

You could have stepped in to help her. You didn't have the guts.

If you see nothing wrong in what you do in posting peoples pictures and information, you should have no problem at all with allowing your own picture to be posted. If you don't, it goes to show that you KNOW that what you are doing is both WRONG and beneath contempt.

There are people who act as your "followers". You try to dictate to them where they can post and what is appropriate for them to post. For some reason, they seem to listen to you.

I hope what they saw from you today was a wakeup call for them.

If any of them ever find themselves in the situation in which you love to place others who don't share your deluded devotion to Clay Aiken, they now know you are not woman enough to give them back up.

This is what Chexxxy had to say to a woman who has been a friend to Chexxxy when the woman found herself in an uncomfortable situation and came to Chexxxy with it:

First from the friend to Chexxxy:

evaiken @ Jan 7 2007, 08:41 PM


I have to cancel membership at your board because I you know my picture was put on RCD blog. I am not you or Shelly . You know it and I know it but because this is just taking too far for me and it touch me personally I will have to step aside. I had to cancel my membership at myspace because I was getting hate mail. I have never new so much hate before . I have always been good person and I do not need any hate in my life. Today I will not be fan of Clay posting on any board. I was quite open who I am but I guess this did no good for me. It is my lesson but everybody have to learn one day. Take care everybody.

Love you all


What was Chexxxy's response?

I'm so sorry you were attacked by those haters. I understand that you need to do what is best for you. kiss1.gif

Chexxxy, you are nothing but a common bully. You could have come to discuss this in an open forum and tried to help this person but you did not have the nerve to do so. You didn't say "let me try to help you out with this" as you could have. What you said essentially is, "too bad, so sad, goodbye". Not only are you a loud mouthed fraud, you have now proven yourself to also be a pitiful excuse for a human being.

To those who allow Chexxxy to order them around and be her little cheerleaders, I hope your eyes have been opened. If you are ever in a bad spot, Chexxxy will just sell your asses down the river. She will turn on you and eat you alive if you ever disagree with her. You know this is true as you have seen her do it to others.

Chexxxy, you are quite possibly the most damaging fan Clay has ever had the misfortune to acquire. You are driving people away more than the so called "haters" ever could have hoped to do. You GO, hero of the ClayNation! You do the fandom proud! Only in your clouded and diseased mind.

Chexxxy, you are a miserable bitch. I hope every nasty, sneaky, underhanded thing you've done revisits you again... in a thousand different ways.

Have a nice day!