Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Will Clay Aiken Go To Asia?

This topic has come up before but maybe it merits another mention.
There has been a lot of activity with Clay developing an Asian fan base. Fan blogs and sites are being set up and Clay gets many positive mentions in Asian magazines and his popularity there seems to be on the rise.
To say that Clay's career in the USA has tanked would be an understatment. He is widely disliked and ridiculed. Could Team Clay be looking to go where there is money to be made since Clay isn't able to bring in the bucks anymore here in the US ?
How would the Claymates who are so happy about Clay's success in Asia feel if he picks up and goes there for most of his performing? Is this the "new direction" that many feel Clay Aiken will look for?
Below you will find a link to a thread on the ClayBoard regarding this topic and some links to Asian fan sites.
Will Clay go to Asia? Maybe, maybe not, but would anything surprise us in Clay's efforts to sell himself?