Sunday, January 7, 2007

Clay Aiken Gets Smacked Down on Jeff Varner's Blog

Here are some very credible sounding comments that were posted on Jeff Varner's blog:
Jan 6, 2007 5:16 AM
I will be very direct, clear, and get straight to the point: I know Clay Aiken personally and professionally, the staff at his management company (SAM), and his record label - RCA. I'm part of the entertainment machine in Hollywood with access to almost every music industry staffer, artist, and executive. NOONE in the music business in America is more reviled or despised than Clay Aiken - and that includes the likes of accused pedophiles like R Kelly and Michael Jackson. Simon Renshaw, Aiken's manager despises him. Clive Davis, head of RMG Music Group (RCA) despises him. Every member of the staff at Aiken's label and management company hate him. Clay is an unbearably miserable person to be around. He's assinine, pretentious, rude, obnoxious, silly, and completely self absorbed to the point of sociopathic disease and it is well known by the entire Hollywood showbusiness community. Clay Aiken's career will never recover from it's current tailspin. Clay Aiken is so reviled by the artistic community noone wants to be associated with him in any professional project. Aiken has stigmatized himself to the point of almost complete ostracism. Aiken has burned ALL bridges to the mainstream music business. Writers don't want to write for him, producers won't work with him, and musicians won't allow their names to be associated with any of his projects. Whatever success he finds from now on will be confined to the small niche of his dwindling fanbase. Aiken's personal behavior with regard to his peers, his personal and professional relationships, his sexuality, his prof
Here’s a follow up post:
Jan 6, 2007 12:53 PM
Clay Aiken has not and can not deny any of the specific gay scandals allegations made against him because they are all true and if he denies them his accusers wil sue him, present their evidence and prevail in the litigation. From day one of the scandal both Aiken's management and label knew the allegations were true. Aiken would not answer questions about the allegations from either his management company or his label. They were left to wonder what was happening in Aiken's personal life and could only surmise the stories were true. Aiken refused to return calls from his management and label about the scandals details that were popping up in the tabloids and abruptly left the country on a month long vacation right in the middle of it. When Aiken returned he never answered the wuestions and his label and management never officially addressed the allegations.