Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm a Mat, Here's My Money

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See? Claymats are just that MATS. Clay wants this, Clay wants that and they all jump through hoops to accommodate him. What does HE do for them in return? Well, for starters there's certainly no consistency when it comes to the fan club membership promises made and when it comes to concerts they can't even put together a decent tour and give their fans accurate information concerning its details. Instead, the fans lose money booking flights, hotels, securing car rentals just to find out there's no such a concert confirmed and no explanations, apologies, not a peep from their master and leader about anything that requires at least a reassuring statement.

Now, if Clay needs something, he will surely blog on the spot and butter them up till they open their wallets at his will. The twisted part is that these women who are supposed to be highly intelligent and educated, can't (or refuse to) see how little respect he holds for them. All he sees in them are dollar signs and since these women seem not to have any self-respect, they are more than willing to relinquish their self pride and control in order to boost his overgrown ego. Unfortunately, their minds are so altered by the effects of the kool-aid, that all it takes is a word from their leader and they are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to makes his wishes come true.

His efforts in Afghanistan would have been better appreciated if they had not been attached to an agenda born out of his bitter resentment toward the American Idol machine. Clay Aiken hates to lose and so long as he remembers AI 2003 and its outcome, he will never let anyone forget it, but what he doesn't realize is that with the aid of his devoted goons he is making sure everyone sees how right America was in declaring him a LOSER. Thank you Clay Aiken and Claymats for allowing us to see the type of people you REALLY are and why we rejected YOU as an American Idol and your fans. NOTHING you can do now will EVER give you back a victory you didn't deserve. Too bad their money couldn't buy you the title.

You can manipulate your CULT followers, you can manipulate UNICEF, Diane Sawyer or anyone else into believing you're a decent human being, but those of us who know better will always recognize you as the fraud and fake persona you have created for yourself and your CULT followers. Be proud Mr. Aiken, be VERY proud.