Thursday, April 12, 2007

Clay Aiken: What Has He Ever "Given Back"?

Clay Aiken took a recent UNICEF trip to Afghanistan and is back and asking for money for Afghani children. That's all well and good, but what does Clay Aiken plan to do besides ask for money from others and take credit for it once it is raised? Clay has received so much positive PR from his association and photo ops with UNICEF, it's about time that he started to even the score by REALLY giving back.

Will Clay will be contributing some of his own money?

Will he offer to give a free fundraising concert?

Will he offer to match some funds?

Clay Aiken's Afghanistan Appeal: $100,000 in 10 days! "I've just returned from Afghanistan and see that the need is urgent. Let's aim high and work together to raise $100,000 in 10 days. Join me in standing with UNICEF to help these kids."

Clay Aiken's UNICEF page has been updated to include the following statement:

Clay Aiken was appointed U.S. Fund for UNICEF Ambassador in 2004. He is particularly committed to supporting UNICEF's education programs, and is truly "an Idol who gives back."

WHAT has Clay Aiken "given back" exactly? He has taken all of his UNICEF trips on UNICEF's dime, supposedly the only Goodwill Ambassador to do so.

What did he donate to the children of Lebanon?

What did he donate to the Tsunami victims?

What did he do for the children of Uganda, besides promising to compose a song to bring awareness to their plight, only to renege on that promise?

What is he going to donate to the children of Afghanistan?

What has he donated to BAF?

What has he ever given back?

Other celebrities, when moved by a people or an event. have opened up their hearts and wallets and donated astonishingly generous amounts of money.

All Clay Aiken seems capable of doing is garnering publicity for himself and asking OTHER people to donate money.

Clay claims to be moved by people and events, but not enough to ever open his own wallet or arrange for a benefit concert to bring awareness to his causes.

Clay visited an orphanage not long ago and commented in an interview about how he'd love to pay for a college education for one of the orphans.

What's stopping him?

Has his financial situation grown so dismal that he is incapable of contributing his own money to causes that "move" him?

Clay should try putting his money where his mouth is.

He loves and needs the print and the pictures portraying him as a humanitarian, but he falls very short of acting as a true humanitarian.

A true humanitarian doesn't want or need a special link to assure that they will get credit for money that OTHER PEOPLE donate.

A true humanitarian would never have done the following:

02:17 PM: CLAYMATES UNITE!!I've told my friends and colleagues at UNICEF just how motivated and supportive you all are. I tried to explain just how wonderful and driven you can be when it comes to supporting causes that are important, like the world's children.

To test my theory, they have set up a special link specifically for us to use to help out with the Lebanon crisis I talked about in my last blog.

They'll be monitoring this link to see just how great the Claymates can be.

If you aren't able to this time, it's absolutely cool.

Encourage those you know are able to use this link to donate.

If you are in a position to help UNICEF help the children affected by the crisis in Lebanon, do so by clicking HERE.

Let's show them what we're made of!!

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07/27/0603:47 PM: Having trouble?

For those of you having trouble....copy and paste this exact link into your browser's address bar.

This will take you to the same site as others use to donate to UNICEF, but it will also keep track of how much money is donated by fan club members and those who we tell to use this link.

So tell all of your friends to use this exact address instead of going to the address that this takes you to.

I, of course, get no credit for this. Nor would I want it.But I do look forward to continuing to have PROOF that you guys are the GREATEST fans in the world!!

Let the games begin!!

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07/28/0609:33 AM: Holy Moly!

You MUST be kidding me!!!

I am CONSTANTLY AMAZED by your fervor and your enthusiasm, to say nothing of your generosity.

I just got a call from about 15 people at the UNICEF office in NYC who were about to jump out of their skin with excitement!

They could not LOVE the Clay Nation any more!

Since mid afternoon yesterday, you guys alone have contributed $45,896.96 to UNICEF's work with the children in Lebanon!Unbelieveable!!

The Claymates' contributions make up 17% of the total monies raised for the Lebanon crisis!

They say it is absolutely unprecedented.I say "That's just how amazing my fans are!"

To give you an idea....$45,896.96 can buy:245 school-in-a-box kits with supplies to provide 19,628 children with schooling.or188 emergency health kits providing basic drugs, medical supplies, and equipment for 188,102 children for 3 months

Look at all the DIFFERENT WAYS that you guys are making a difference.

As the number rises, I'll keep you up-to-date!

Sometimes I wonder how I'd ever make it through this world without having you. I just wouldn't have a clue!(that was a specific hint for you... as a thank you! ;)

I love you guys!c


11:04 AM: End of day results

Here's the last update of the day as the UNICEF office closes at 2pm today.

$47,556.96that's 254 school-in-a-box kits serving 20,338 childrenor195 emergency health kits for 194,906 people for 3 months



07/31/0611:09 AM: WOW WOW WOW

New number - $66,723.12 (that's another $19,166.16since Friday'supdate)

that's 357 school-in-a-box kits serving 28,534children or 273 emergency health kits for 273,455 people for 3 months AMAZING! Really gives me chills at how astounding you guys are!Hopefully you'll have some left in you to buy your 7 copies... no... make that 8 copies of the album on September 19th!!

Official word comes in the next few hours!!


A true humanitarian is not self serving. A true humanitarian would not ask for credit. A true humanitarian would not ask of others without doing what they, themselves, could do.

Clay Aiken is a proven effective and manipulative fund raiser only because he has a fanbase of cultish sycophants to do his bidding, but he does not deserve to be referred to as "truly an Idol who gives back."

Again...WHAT has CLAY, himself, ever given back?