Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Clay Aiken: If You See It On OFC You Can Believe It

Clay Aiken has often said "If you see it at OFC, you can believe it".

Here is some of what you are supposed to get when you pay your dues and join up at OFC.

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Even most Claymates, if they were to be honest would admit that this is all, for the most part, a joke and that this fan club is miserably mismanaged.

First, when renewing last year, credit cards were charged multiple times, debit cards also were charged multiple times, emptying bank accounts and leaving the card holders with bouncing checks.

When it came to receiving the merchandise that was purchased along with the membership, many members waited months upon months before receiving the packages, some still never have and getting answers and support from OFC is virtually impossible.

Clay Aiken has often said, "If you see it at OFC, you can believe it". One would think that this also applies to what Clay himself blogs.

Remember this blog?

It seems over the past few weeks, the tabloids and gossip mongers have had their hands full coming up with new and exciting "scandals" for me to be a part of. Yet, for all of their efforts to be on the "cutting edge" and the forefront of bull$#@& journalism, it seems that some of them may be running out of ideas and resorting to recycling and re-hashing some of their older tall tales. How sad!?
With this in mind, we thought maybe we would try to give them a finger.... er.. a hand.
For all of the contests that we hold here on the OFC, this one promises to be one of my favorites.Build-Your-Own-Scandal!That's right! Let's show off the creative abilities of the greatest group of fans on Earth.
The contest is simple, but will require some thinking and planning...
Come up with the most outlandish story you can that places me (either alone or with others close to me) in a really juicy/tawdry/scandalous/shameful story.
Then, use any photos, videos, audio clips of me that you can find along with your favorite multimedia enhancing/"doctoring" program (like a PhotoShop or a sound/video editor) to create your "evidence"!
Maybe you have "pictures" of me being "abducted by oversized turnips"... or ... "video" of me "dancing with a three legged gorilla". Be creative!
You'll submit your "story" and "evidence" to an address that you'll find online here at the OFC very soon.
I'll personally pick the "story" that not only is most creative, but has the most CONVINCING and REALISTIC looking "evidence"!(It obviously can't be that hard to come up with!)
The winner(s) will be featured here... PLUS... there will be a great prize to go along with the honor of being the creator of "Scandal 2007"
This one is gonna be fun!!
Feel free to get started thinking...but, keep your eye out for details on rules/requirements for entry and deadlines and prizes. they be announced here soon.
Happy Fabricating!!
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Given that Clay himself said that "if you see it at OFC you can believe it", many in the fanbase took Clay at his word. Others thought it was a joke, but nobody knew for sure. Many prepared their entries to this contest, others thought it was a bad idea, there was angst and arguing among fans. They looked to the OFC for guidance, but there was none. Nobody there had a clue. It wasn't til months later that OFC had a statement that Clays blog was just "snark".

Maybe that was the first clue that Claymates should have had that "if you see it at OFC, you can believe it" wasn't necessarily true.

Now we come to Clay's summer "tour". Once again, the Claymates took Clay's words, "if you see it at OFC, you can believe it" to heart. When dates were announced and posted on OFC, people trusted that Clay's OFFICIAL FAN CLUB would have correct, confirmed information before disseminating it.

Based upon what the OFC posted, Claymates booked airline flights and hotels and made travel plans. They had no reason to doubt what OFC was posting because CLAY HIMSELF said "if you see it at OFC, you can believe it". Again, some did.

ClaysBabyDoll Registered MemberPosts: 16(3/14/07 6:08 pm)Reply
Re: JULY 7 - NOKIA THEATRE - DALLAS, TX (Grand Prairie)
I am so excited!!! Grand Prairie is only about 45 miles from my home!! I have a question - what is the procedure for buying pre-sale tickets for members of the OFC? I've never done this before and would like some information PUHLEEZE---THANKS!!! LOOK OUT - WEST PALM BEACH - my nephew is a Captain for American Airlines and he and his wife live in WPB. They have already told me they will fly me down there and buy my concert ticket!!!! I can hardly contain myself!!!I LOVE CLAY AIKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

topcat50 Registered MemberPosts: 1831(3/16/07 4:24 pm)Reply
Re: JULY 7 - NOKIA THEATRE - DALLAS, TX (Grand Prairie)
I just spoke with the box office and tix via TM go on sale on March 30.Hope there's an OFC presale for this!

fayclay Clay, Always and Forever.. Posts: 959(3/21/07 4:08 pm)Reply ezSupporter
Re: JULY 7 - NOKIA THEATRE - DALLAS, TX (Grand Prairie)
Does anyone know if the OFC will have pre-sale tickets?

Martigyrl This one's got me conflicted. I feel like I'm addicted.Posts: 2630(4/2/07 8:34 pm)Reply ezSupporter
I'm flying down to Grand Prairie for the concert, and can someone tell me if the Quality Inn Dallas Market Center hotel, is anywhere near the Nokia??? I haven't got a clue, never been to Texas before. I'd sure appreciate it if someone can let me know. I've already booked it all, but after looking it up again, it looks like I might have chosen the wrong Quality Inn. Thanks for anyone who can answer .

mskat63 Thudding in Texas for Clay!Posts: 685(3/30/07 11:26 pm)Reply
Thank you viteradiva1 for getting the group rate at the Embassy Suites. A great deal and option for those who haven't already booked a room. I booked a room at the $95 rate by going here...
embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/hotels/index.jhtml?moreDesc=true&ctyhocn=DFWSHESand then putting "CAF" in the group code box.Nice two room suites and has all the bells and whistles.. (free breakfast, free evening reception, free airport shuttle)Now I just need a ticket!!!

viteradiva1 Registered MemberPosts: 1(3/13/07 8:23 pm)Reply
Re: JULY 7 - NOKIA THEATRE - DALLAS, TX (Grand Prairie)
A bunch of us flying in are staying at the Wyndham. They have free airport shuttle and they are working on a group rate for us. I also heard that the AmeriSuites may be under construction. They are converting to a Hyatt Place. Just so excited to see everyone! Any word on a preparty?

So guess what happened? OFC had this date posted even though it was never actually confirmed. There is no show at the Nokia Theatre in Dallas. Why was this ever even posted at OFC? Clay SAID "if you see it at OFC, you can believe it". Claymates who bought non-refundable airline tickets are upset and some are FINALLY looking to OFC and Clay Aiken for accountability.

ImAllEars Registered MemberPosts: 2910(4/9/07 7:25 pm)Reply ezSupporter
Re: Nokia information just in
Well, I'm one of many who have already booked their airline tickets and have my Houston ticket in hand for that concert. It saddens me to think we have NOBODY and NO PLACE that we can trust. We were advised if things were on OFC, we could put faith in that being the truth....well now we are finding out that just isn't so. You may not blame Clay Aiken, but I've always been told the buck stops at the top....he is the top. He is the final say. These people work for HIM. It is HIS fan club that still has Nokia up under tours and anyone who signs in will still think it is a valid concert.If clarification and corrections need to be made, why hasn't it been done? You can say I'm more than just a little upset about this. Somebody has no respect for his fans or their bank accounts from the looks of this.I was very much looking forward to this tour and now....not so much. Anyway you look at this it is going to cost me a lot of money, that could have been spent on additional concerts, to get myself home. It really doesn't help me to know I'm not alone in this. In fact, it saddens me more, because other people shelling out additional money to change their airline tickets for absolutely no good reason other than team Clay changed their minds, seems to be a huge waste of money....money that could have gone to BAF or some other very worthy cause.The Summer of Clay '07 is not getting off to a good start at all.

jaysue Registered MemberPosts: 424(4/9/07 8:08 pm)Reply
Re: Nokia information just in
You may not blame Clay Aiken, but I've always been told the buck stops at the top....he is the top. He is the final say. These people work for HIM. It is HIS fan club that still has Nokia up under tours and anyone who signs in will still think it is a valid concert.
Barb - you are right. I'm upset too. Airline tickets have been purchased with money that has been saved up waiting for this tour. Now flights will have to be cancelled or changed. Why are we paying dues to a fan club that can't get their act together? And sorry folks, but this time I too blame the man at the top. He's got some 'splaining to do.

jtgranny ISY....OOPS no I didn'tPosts: 10283(4/9/07 8:18 pm)Reply ezSupporter
Re: Nokia information just in
There is a lesson to be learned from this, albeit a painful one. Do not purchase plane tickets until you have the concert tickets firmly in hand.
I'm trying really hard not to loose it but this statement keeps coming up in more and more posts. When you have been told time and time again that NOTHING is for sure unless IT IS POSTED ON THE OFC. It's hard to take when they then change it on you. Most people that I know of waited and waited to get all the information.Location: Dallas/NokiaDate: July 7th, 2007The above was posted on the OFC!!!Location: Dallas/NokiaDate: July 7th, 2007The above was posted in a "Upcoming Events Newletter" emailed out from NOKIAWho: Clay AikenLocation: Dallas/NokiaDate: July 7th, 2007On sale date: July 14th, 2007The above was posted on TicketmasterConcerts Tickets > Adult Contemporary Tickets > Clay Aiken Tickets > Clay Aiken Tickets at NOKIA live at Grand Prairie . . . > Clay AikenSat, Jul 07 TBDNOKIA live at Grand Prairie - Grand Prairie, TX Read Reviews Save $100 On Clay Aiken Tickets Print This Page Email This Page Newsletter Signup Add to Favorites Add to Outlook Ticket FinderSelect # of Tickets: Select Price Range: $15$385$15$38544 tickets available from $15 to $385 each. Click here to compare 'd ticketsClick here to view all tickets () Show recommended first SectionRowPrice (ea)Tickets NeededCLUBNotesPASS$152019181716151413121110987654321CLUB/SUITE PASSES--NOT A CONCERT TICKET206NotesNN$19542COMPARABLE, OR BETTER206NotesKK$22042COMPARABLE, OR BETTER105NotesN$29042COMPARABLE, OR BETTER103NotesM$3852FLOOR--12 TH ROW CENTER103NotesL$38542FLOOR--11 TH ROW CENTER103NotesO$385642FLOOR--14 TH ROW CENTERParkingSectionRowPrice (ea)Tickets NeededVIPNotesPARKING$2510987654321UP CLOSE VIP PARKING--NOT A CONCERT TICKET This is posted on a Broker site. Note that the bolded TBD has just appeared since last week when Tulsa came on the scene.Sooooo I don't think anyone jumped the gun in buying plane tickets.
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jtgranny at: 4/9/07 8:21 pm

Rainlover Aiken AficionadoPosts: 21004(4/9/07 8:49 pm)Reply ezSupporter
Re: Nokia information just in
Nokia is still listed at OFC.And a new Michigan date.

cindilu2 ilovehimandimeanit Posts: 5740(4/9/07 8:53 pm)Reply ezSupporter
Re: Nokia information just in
At the bottom it lists all of the tour dates listed so far, and Nokia was not one of them.
Actually, the email lists all the shows with ONSALE dates confirmed. The fan club main (public) page lists all the shows, and Dallas is still listed, along with a new Michigan date.Maybe, just maybe, it's the venue people who are wrong (wouldn't be the first time, especially after being inundated with fan phone calls and emails) and the OFC dates are still correct. Okay - that's weird. I SWEAR Nokia was on the OFC list five minutes ago, and now it's not. Wow. So bizarre.

ldb51 ClayjuvenatedPosts: 2303(4/9/07 9:17 pm)Reply ezSupporter
Re: Nokia information just in
Soooooo, what did everyone think about the long and apologetic explanation from Team Clay???????????What? No comments---------OH, excuse me-----they didn't give a long apologetic explanation!!!!!!!!!! my bad!!!

jtgranny ISY....OOPS no I didn'tPosts: 10286(4/9/07 9:17 pm)Reply ezSupporter
Re: Nokia information just in
My intention is not to pour salt on the very painful wounds that are obviously here tonight. It is to try to prevent future wounds. And once again I feel the need to defend Clay. We don't know what happened. Please wait to place blame until you know who was at fault. He doesn't deserve this.
I'm sure you did not intend to hurt anyone's feelings. It's just the comments about people waiting to get plane tickets is a bit much. If the information for Nokia had been listed only on Ticketmaster or Broker sites or Nokia....most probably would not have bought. The fact of the matter still is and will remain....it was posted on the OFC. I don't blame Clay for any of this, however he has said it time and time again...."if it's not posted then it's not true." "It's not Official until it's posted on the OFC" So I guess now we are not to believe what Clay says??? I'm sorry but it has to be one way or the other....right now as it stands it's a crap shoot as to whether or not you can believe anything posted on the OFC.And again, I've not put blame on anyone in particular and won't until we know who the blame belongs to. That however does not mean I have to be ok with this whole mess and can't state my mind.


Once again, incompetence at OFC has led to discord and arguing among the Claymates. I for one, love it just for the comedic value alone!
OFC members have already seen that they don't always get the merchandise they pay for, Clay's blogs may or may not be "real", I guess the last thing they thought they could count on OFC for was at least accurate Clay Aiken tour information.
They can't even count on that. What did they pay $29.95 plus shipping and handling for again?

OFC has not provided any kind of statement or guidance about what has occurred.

As is always true of both Clay Aiken AND his OFC, whenever there is a conflict or a situation that needs addressing, they have gone silent.

Maybe the Claymates should open their eyes and minds and entertain the truth that not everything Clay Aiken OR the OFC says can or should be believed.