Friday, April 13, 2007

Clay Aiken: Selling Himself To The Highest Bidders?

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Recent events have made it apparent that Clay Aiken seems to be courting and rewarding his Claymates that have the deepest pockets.

Indeed, a member of the ClayBoard recently posted the following:

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Re: UNICEF Email from Clay
NO amount is to large or small!
True ... but with the larger amount you get more of a to Clay and what touches his heart. And of course I would like that. Very nice of him to have such nice incentives but I can only give what I can give. I'm glad for those who can give the $1,000 though.
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windstar2 at: 4/12/07 9:50 pm

This person would seem to be correct. Clay has been going out of his way to reward the people who cough up the most money. Check out the privileges money bought at his recent BAF Champions for Change Gala.

People paying $2500.00 for a seat at this gala were rewarded with attending a "special VIP reception with Clay" and an individual picture taken with Clay.

People paying $1000.00 for a seat at this gala were rewarded with attending a "special VIP reception with Clay" and a group picture taken with Clay.

People who paid $175.00 got dinner and admission to the show.

People who paid $100.00 got admission to the show.

Clay could have easily walked around during the dinner, stopping at the tables of people who spent $175.00 for the dinner for less than a minute, to thank them for coming and supporting the cause. He didn't.

The people who paid $100.00 got to see a 4 song show.

Apparently, Clay valued his Claymates that have deep pockets the most and they were rewarded with access to Clay.

At the auction that took place at this event, the Claymates with the money were able to scoop up the items offered leaving those with less money empty handed and possibly feeling undeservedly, a little bit bad about themselves and that they never had a chance at some items they might have treasured. It was not an even playing field.

Now Clay has come back from his Unicef trip to Afghanistan and has issued a challenge to his Claymates. He wants to raise $100,000.00 in 10 days to benefit Afghani children.

To inspire donations and to sweeten the deal for the Claymates with the deep pockets again, those who are able to donate $1000.00 or more will be rewarded with autographed copies of his report.

What does this say to the Claymates of lesser means? What if giving $20.00 for them is the equivalent of a richer Claymate's $1000.00? Are the fans with less money less important and less deserving to Clay Aiken than the fans who are more fortunate and have more money to spare?
That would seem to be the message that Clay is sending.

Those that have, receive. They receive access to Clay. They receive autographs from Clay.
Those that don't have, don't receive. They are barely acknowledged if at all.

How very charitable. Only not.