Monday, April 9, 2007

A Claymate on Charity and Humanitarianism. Dissected.

A post from a disgruntled Claymate complaining about the "Idols Give Back" event sponsored by American Idol, left me literally speechless and at the same time very angry. Many of you may have read her diatribe therefore I won’t post it again, but will touch on a few of her comments.

Everything that was written is appalling in my view, but this particular statement left me totally befuddled. "…but I have no intention of buying the video or calling in a pledge. Clay fans can make donations to UNICEF directly or to the BAF or other charities without needing to go through the Idol organization." WTF? She posted that on Easter Sunday? WOW! So basically she’s TELLING the mats how and what to do about their donations. And the reason behind it has NOTHING to do with the charitable action itself, but based on her disgruntled attitude toward the AI organization because her favorite singer was not invited????? As I asked on my post, why the hell (not exactly the term I used) do they make everything about the Faiken? Who died and made him ruler of the entertainment world?

She continues, "…the extravaganza strikes me as focused too much on building up AI and other aspects of Simon Cowell's business interests". Okay, maybe she should have written, "I’m asking you to do this because I want to focus a lot on building up Clay Aiken and other aspects of our selfish interests". That would have been more accurate for the reason behind it Claymat!

"Maybe if Kelly weren't appearing, I could just write it off as their wanting to incorporate some non-Idol big name stars", Hummmm DUH!
Listen idiot, as much as you hate to hear it, Kelly IS a big name star thus the reason she WAS invited (Stings doesn’t it?).

Now this one takes the cake (at least for me) "…But with a former Idol star featured -- not the one most associated with humanitarian work or UNICEF". HUH????? This statement brought me to the "humanitarian" label which they love to stamp on his chest. Can anyone tell me how TF is he a humanitarian? Last time I check its definition reads:

humanitarian-1. A person who seeks to promote human welfare; a person who advocates or practices humane action; a philanthropist; 2. Of or relating to human welfare. (Oxford dictionary, 1997). We also need to look at the word philanthropist and its definition is stated as someone who devotes his/her time, money, or effort towards helping others. The label is most often applied to someone who gives large amounts to charity (Wikipedia).

Just by the definitions, the Faiken is disqualified as he is neither a humanitarian nor a philanthropist. I don’t think traveling to Banda Aceh or Uganda as a requirement of his "Ambassador" duties qualifies him as neither. Sure, he traveled to the locations and it was a great photo op moment, but what has he done to effect change in those countries? How much of his money has he given away in large amounts? What time has he devoted to humanitarian causes on HIS OWN?

You may ask, "But what can they do as ambassadors?" The UNICEF site states
"They can make direct representations to those with the power to effect change. They can use their talents and fame to fundraise and advocate for children and support UNICEF’s mission to ensure every child’s right to health, education, equality and protection.

I ask Clay, What have you done for them lately? Talk is cheap Clay, but yours is waaaaay cheaper than anyone else’s.

To the mats, you really need to let go off AI 2003. If you had done that after the AI finale who knows, maybe Faiken would have had a better chance at a longer and REALLY successful career. You have been and will always be his worse enemy and you can blame NO ONE but yourselves for his downfall. Posts like the one broken down here only gives credence to the CULTIST Group label you have rightfully earned and which is clearly noticed by everyone outside your box.
Get a hobby other than being Faiken’s Vigilantes.
Go back to needlepoint, scrap booking, gardening or knitting. It’ll be less exhausting mentally than fighting invisible demons that you see attacking your leader at every corner.
Would you, please?
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