Sunday, April 15, 2007

The "Passion" of the Clay.

Well, Clay Aiken is back from a UNICEF trip to Afghanistan.

There are now some pictures from his trip and as you will see above, Clay seemed to really pull out all of the stops for this particular photo op.

He did his best to strike a Jesus like pose with his clasped hands and his expression of suffering. He truly looks like the most distraught person in the picture. Hey, he might have really been suffering. There might not have been a McDonalds around, and he does appear to be in a roomful of mostly women.

He wrapped himself in sackcloth looking robes to further drive home the Christ like comparisons to his Claymates. Notice that the young Afghani male behind Clay is wearing a regular suit and is clean shaven and is looking at Clay as though he was a curiosity. Also notice that in the picture of Clay with a group of people outdoors, Clay is the ONLY man dressed in robes. The other Afghani men are in regular attire. Again, Clay is seen with his angsty, prayerful looking clasped hands. Some Claymates have tried to claim that Clay held his hands that way to greet people. He wasn't greeting anyone in this picture. I don't recall EVER seeing Clay hold his hands that way in the past. He seems to just be putting on a great big show. This whole UNICEF trip seems to have been a great big show. No surprise there. This IS Clay Aiken we are talking about.

Can we expect to see this new picture of Clay on prayer cards in funeral homes throughout the country? I'm sure we would if the Claymates had their way, but right now the Claymates are busy doing their best to make Clay Aiken look good by responding to his fund raising challenge which IMO, is one of the most blatant forms of manipulation he's resorted to yet, and shame on UNICEF for participating in it.

What else did the pained and holy Clay Aiken do while in Afghanistan? He lied about being a former teacher (but that's another blog), administered an oral polio vaccine, (perhaps now he can also refer to himself as a former medical professional) and informed the Afghani people that it is spring.

Thanks, Clay!