Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Children of Claymates Need Our Help

This is the latest cause of the Clay Aiken Fraud Squad:

"We are children that range in age from infants to teenagers. Some nights we go to bed hungry. Most nights we go to bed without a parent to tuck us in or listen to our most secret thoughts and wishes. Nearly every day our mothers yell at us; sometimes they even hit us. We want to grow up to be productive citizens, but there is no money to send us to college. Who can we turn to for help? We need the advice of a parent, but so often our mothers are not at home.Won't you please help us? We are the children of Claymates. We go to bed hungry because Mom spent the grocery money to get a signed UNICEF report from Clay Aiken. Our mothers can't tuck us in because they are busy writing on the Clay Aiken message boards. If we tell our mothers that we don't like Clay, they yell at us. Sometimes they hit us. Our college fund was spent to buy a "table" at the BAF gala. There is no one to talk to about this, because our mothers are usually following Clay around on a tour. We are the children of the "Claynation" and we need your help.

Even when we're grown up, our Claymate Mom's love Clay Aiken more than us. Like this:

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Alice, I'm glad that you have come out of your shell to post. Know that you are loved here, this is a place where you can come and just get things off your chest, and know of Clay's beauty and love for all his fans. Whether one is perfect, has defects and flaws, abled or disabled; we are all loved by Clay. We feel his love and he feels ours. He has taught me to take my sorrows and unhappiness of my past life and turn in into a positive, giving of myself to others. I have this quote on my computer that I read every day from Clay.

"Pain hapens to everyone. To grow up, to fulfill your potential, to develop into that God wants you to be--this process takes support. No one succeeds alone."

Alice, you have our support, we are here for you. I found that out by coming out of my shell a long time ago and now I know that because of Clay, I have made some wonderful friends here that are "family" to me. It can happen to you. We welcome you, you are loved here. Your loved ones are in a better place now where no harm will ever come to them. They watch over you.

Question: How much of a part did Clay's momma, Faye and his grandparents have in Clay being the person that he is?

I know in my heart, I've been both mother and father to my son and gave 110% of teaching, guiding, Catholic Education, Ivy League Degree and yet he does not have any of the qualities that I admire in Clay Aiken. I've always encouraged him to be "the best that he can be" and yet he goes thru this life as a "hippy of the '60s". Where did I go wrong? I LOVE HIM AND WOULD GIVE MY LIFE FOR HIM . . . but . . . I don't like him as a person. All the things that I instilled in him that was instilled in me as a child: "integrity, humility, respect, compassion" isn't there. Everything is ME, ME, ME and he thinks he doesn't have to work hard to achieve in life. Believe me, I never spoiled him. He was the last to get the latest fad. When a new fad came out, I was just buying the previous fad. His teacher complained that he was applying himself in school. I suggested that maybe he should be in a lower level (this was in grade school) because he was in the highest level. She told me that no, that wasn't the problem; he had the intelligence but HE WASN'T APPLYING HIMSELF. This continued thru high school . . . "he's not applying himself". Community college he had a 4.0 GPA in Math and Chemistry and when he was accepted at an Ivy League University to get his B.A., what did he do? He switched from Math and Chem to HISTORY. Oh, he can get jobs at the drop of a hat . . . MISTER PERSONALITY PLUS. But, as soon as someone, his boss, a co-worker says something he doesn't like, what does he do . . . HE QUITS. He is just so opposite of me and my values. He has friends galore, like I said he's MISTER PERSONALITY. He's everything that I was never good at and yet WHY IS HE SO DARN LAZY? He lives for today whereas I was always taught to prepare for tomorrow and the future. He does such things as when he get's benefits for his new job, he won't take the Medical Insurance. I tell him it is so important because even though you are okay now, what will happen if you get sick and do not have any medical insurance. His come back to me is: "if I die, I die . . . so be it". CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE DID I GO WRONG IN RAISING HIM? Here is a normal human being that is just p**sing his life away and then I read about all the children with Autism and how they fight to just be able to do the things that they can. THEY ARE THE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN. I don't see any disabilities with them, it's my son who has the disability and I can't save him from himself. So, I come here to have my self-esteem built up, to get back my humility for I do feel humiliated that I have a son that turned out so wrong and I BLAME MYSELF because I guess I loved him too much. "

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