Monday, April 23, 2007

This is NOT a Clay Aiken Hatred Blog

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I got up real early this morning mainly because I wanted to “catch” the skank that likes to spam the site at 5AM and I wasn’t disappointed. There it was, a good bit of spamming about the latest accusation about this blog being “sympathizers” of Seung Cho, the severely mentally impaired VT student who cruelly snuffed the life off students that were in the path of becoming successful adults in life. Do I applaud what he did? Of course I don’t. Do I sympathize with him? Not in the sense of approval for his actions, but in the sense that I understand that a human being in their right frame of mind would NEVER have done what Cho did. Many of us are involved with mental disorders in various ways, and clearly understand how disabilities stem from them, so I can see how what happened at VT although not the norm, couldn’t have been prevented given the legal constraints that kept VT for being able to provide further help to Cho.

I can’t speak for all the posters at Clay Aiken Fraud Squad, but many do share the same opinion concerning the VT tragedy; it was a tragic act of violence perpetrated by a severely mentally impaired individual and it deserves looking more into depth as to the overlaying issues concerning mental health in the educational system and how this tragic incident will help in the avoidance of future acts such as this one. If believing that and criticizing a Special Ed major for speaking so ignorantly about a mentally incapacitated individual is hatred to those who do not approve of this blog so be it, but I KNOW hatred is not where my criticizing or others postings here is coming from. Nobody wants Faiken to mourn Cho and I’m sure none of us mourn him for the act, but I mourn for the mentally incapacitated individual that fell through so many cracks that it caused innocent victims to be dragged down with him. I MOURN THAT! And I’m very disappointed that someone who’s allegedly so compassionate and understanding, would chose a poor statement to refer to one of those whom he’s supposed to be an advocate for. THAT IS NOT HATRED, that is pointing out the INCONSISTENCIES and hypocrisy that coats every word coming out of his mouth.

What you call hatred when we criticize Faiken is nothing but the spoken truth, and because we don't have any problem expressing our opinions which are not all filled with rainbows, butterflies and skittles, you label it as hatred. Those posting here are not blinded by fandom or by a CULT mentality. They are not parroting what a leader tells them to believe. They are only expressing what is obvious to many except to his cult followers.

It’s not about his sexuality because we KNOW he's gay and it's never been an issue. The issue on the other hand, is the blatant deception, manipulation and hypocrisy of an artist who uses his fans and what seems to be a respectable organization such as UNICEF for his own selfish reasons. Speaking about it is not hatred as you put it and as mats like to spin it. If you don’t like it or don’t want us to exercise our freedom of speech it’s your problem, but us being able to express our opinions IS NOT hatred. I personally don’t hate the Faiken, but I don’t have to remain silent about what I consider to be deceptive behavior.

Hatred is what the claymates do by harassing, stalking and going personally after those who dare speak the truth about Faiken. Hatred is calling us Seung Cho sympathizers because we acknowledge the fact he was mentally ill and that Faiken should have used the opportunity during the ET interview to point out how the mental health system is flawed as evidenced by how Cho’s case was handled and how schools struggle in dealing with cases such as his. In Cho’s case privacy laws prevented VT from being able to do more to help him. The point is he could have talked about how this case should be used as a stepping stone in bringing awareness to a serious situation that affects thousand of children and young adults and the schools systems which struggle in determining what should be the scope of their intervention.

THAT’S what we talk about here and if Faiken OR his fans don’t want anyone to talk about him, he shouldn’t elevate himself to the level of role model or be in the public eye at all. If he's bold enough to point fingers at others, you shouldn't find it so strange or appalling that he will be held up to the standard he set for himself and certainly DON'T call it hatred because it is NOT!