Friday, April 27, 2007

Clay Aiken Throws Pissy Diva Fit Over AI Gives Back Snub

There had been a lot of speculation about whether Clay Aiken would try to worm himself into a spot on this weeks "American Idol Gives Back" fundraising event .

Clay Aiken had been hanging around LA all last week and now it seems apparent why.

He wanted on the AI Gives Back event....very badly. So badly, in fact, that he was willing to blow off a charity event in NY where he was to be receiving an award.

BUT good judgement by those organizing AI gives back prevailed and Clay was not part of the show, prompting widdle Cwaybie to throw a pissy diva fit and high tail it to NY to receive his award and appear on the Today Show in what seemed to be a very hastily arranged interview. Guess he was just determined to get his round little mug on television SOMEWHERE this week.

The inside story is below from one of the posters here. Thanks to them for the details on how it went down. It's good insight to what Clay Aiken REALLY thinks about his "charitable" efforts.

Checking in. I did find out some info that is interesting and it ties into this award thingy the Faiken got.

I am sorry but I am laughing typing this cuz it is just so him...I asked my friend if he could relay any additional info (he told me he had to be a little careful because there were only a few of them privvy to the Faiken blitz and he doesn't want to out himself as being my source!!)I asked him if he knew anything about an award show or an award Faiken was getting in New York and WITHOUT HEISTATION he said;"Oh, ya meant the thing (F)aiken said he didn't care about and would miss if he could get on the show live???That award?" so I confirmed with him what it was but here is what he said...."we thought the guy was such a joke, making a commitment to do something for charity but willing to bail on it for something bigger for HIM.

That was the opposite attitude of the Idol project."I am parapharsing here now: he said that Faiken was told he should go to the event and that is when the big ass push to shove any and all pieces of tape down the Idol producer's throats began.

If he couldn't be on the show live guess Faiken thought they could use some of his tape or would tape him making a plea which apparently why he stayed in Los Angeles up to the last minute.

No bites for him tho except the one on his ass and knowing Faiken, he liked it!

Don't have a clue when he flew out and my friend didn't know either just that he left in a great big pissy diva huff!!!!!