Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Clay Aiken : His New Blog

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Clay Aiken blogged tonight for the first time since his UNICEF trip to Afghanistan.

Clay did not mention the fundraising challenge that he issued, pictured above.

Clay did not thank his Claymates for their generosity in helping him exceed his challenge.

Clay did not share anything about his travels.

Instead, Clay Aiken once again sounded like he is in a manic episode or perhaps under some kind of mind altering influence.

He is either OPENLY mocking his fans, who are the ones who make him appear to be a successful humanitarian and entertainer, or he has truly lost his mind.

Here is the blog:

05/01/07 : Holy Les Moonves, Batman!!If EVER there was a time to act, The time is NOW.

No I am not talking about UNICEF or Bubel/Aiken.I'm not talking about summer camps or Afghanistan. I am talking about Jericho.

Okay folks.. listen here...
It is SWEEPS month. Sweeps started last Thursday and this episode on Jericho tonight on CBS will be the first episode that has been aired in this ratings period... Mary, Quiana, and I need your help!!!! I honestly don't know what I will do with myself if this show doesn't make it on to the CBS lineup next season!!!

I want to be on the show! I will play a bad guy, a good guy, a mute guy, a singing guy... I don't care!!!

But this how NEEDS to be back next season.

Now the fervor of OFC members is unmatched, and yes this is sorta a selfish request on my part, but we all have to band together this week and next and put Jericho on the top of the ratings!

Watch it in very room of your house. Then go next door and make the neighbors watch it. Then go down the street and make the folks in the retirement home watch it. If you live near a hospital, they have lots of TVs. Make the patients watch it! I don't care how you do it we need as many TVs tuned to this masterpiece of suspenseful entertainment as humanly possible!

Write your Senators. Write your assemblymen. Write Santa Claus.

Make magic happen!!!

Love you all!!


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