Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy Anniversary To Clay Aiken & John Paulus!

The King Holds Court With John Paulus
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"Howard Stern Week" rolls right along on The Malcontent. As promised last week, the King of All Media interviewed John Paulus, a former Green Beret and Army Ranger, on his alleged sexual escapade with Clay Aiken.

Why do I believe John? Because according to him, Clay is actually a top.
The audio link is first, with my synopsis after the jump. And some of the details get a bit graphic.

John was greeted by Howard, who had just emerged from the bathroom where he had relieved his bladder live on the air (thus the reference to "pee" on his hands.) The questioning immediately turned to how we are to believe that John’s story is true. He replied that he had taken a lie-detector test.

John’s motive in telling his story is that Clay is a "hypocrite," that he focuses his career on "Christians" but is "cold, calculating, manipulative" behind the scenes.

They discussed some of the details of an alleged IM transcript between John and Clay, which producer Gary Dell’Abate stated was realistic in its details. John said that Clay had come out to his mother in March but was trying to be discreet.

John said he was angry with how Clay had treated him, which he would later elaborate on. He thought there would be at least a friendship at least, and he said that Clay claimed he had wanted that too.

John says Clay first contacted on Dec. 16, having seen John’s "Big Muscle" webpage, and that they also contacted each other through Manhunt.net. At first, John was unconvinced that he was actually chatting with Clay Aiken. According to John, Clay said "I can videocam and prove who I am." Then he said Clay called him, and John recognized his voice immediately.

On Jan. 2, John says Clay saw him online and contacted him via Yahoo! IM. Clay told John to get a hotel. When Clay arrived, John said a maintenance man saw them and Clay got nervous. John said Clay wanted sex immediately, while John just wanted to first meet Clay and see how the "chemistry" was.

The actual sex story diverged at this point to discuss John’s life. He says he has received death threats from "Christian women and Claymates." He also said he now has a contract with Lucas Entertainment after having been fired from his real estate job. (Side note: The Lucas website crashed immediately for a while after they discussed it.) John originally said it was "George" Lucas rather than Michael Lucas, and for a moment the gang in the studio was actually impressed.

Back to the hotel, John said Clay kept his shirt on the whole time. He said Clay placed John’s hand directly on the bulge in his pants. Howard quizzed him on this aspect of the story, pressing for details about Clay’s penis, including the size.

Strangely, at this point, John tried to clam up. He was willing to out a celebrity nationwide, but he didn’t want to talk about his penis. He eventually revealed that Clay is small, and his johnson has "distinguishing marks" that were later characterized as "three little bumps."

John said he pulled Clay’s hand away and then Clay became aggressive: a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario," as John described it. John said he wasn’t especially attracted to him but was caught up in the notion of celebrity.

Clay allegedly wanted John to him to perform oral sex on him, and John initially declined. He said Clay was pushing his head down. He also said that Clay wanted to "fist" him but was able to fit only two fingers.

John then said that Clay wanted anal sex, but they had no condoms. According to John, Clay said "Don’t worry about that." Clay then flipped John on top of him and eventually forced him down onto him, and they had unsafe sex.

In fact, they had unsafe sex for 90 minutes, during which John said he never once got an erection. John said he kept trying to stop, and that Clay is "very verbal, very loud."

When it was finally over and Clay had supposedly discharged on himself, John says Clay "ordered" him to get a towel. John spent some time in the bathroom looking around, and then he said Clay yelled at him for taking too long. When John emerged with a washcloth, Clay berated John for "not getting anything fucking bigger." (I assume from context that John returned to get an actual towel.) John said he now has "DNA" evidence of the encounter.

John said he asked for Clay’s number, but Clay wouldn’t give it to him and said, "I’ll email you." John said Clay then pointed to the "mess" left behind and said, "Take care of that." John’s story about why he kept the towel didn’t sound as innocent as he claimed, although he eventually copped to saving it because of Clay’s celebrity status.

Two hours later when John was at home, he said he saw Clay already cruising online again. John said he tried to IM and contact Clay, but his messages were refused.

John said that since he began telling his story, Clay has since IM’d him. According to John, Clay said that he was "upset" with John and is "praying for (him)." John said that all he wanted was an apology, and he has yet to get one.

I sense that his interview with Howard might not help him get it.