Monday, January 1, 2007

Clay Aiken: A Crazy Claymate Issues a Fatwah (no pun intended)

"For those of you who are interested... here's an appropriate verse to ponder....

'Do not fear the reproach of others, and do not be dismayed whenthey revile you.' Isaiah 51:7"

This was a quote from Clay's blog 1/17/2006. Many in the Clay Nation were convinced that this was a message for the fans to be forewarned and forearmed that there was a MESS coming and it took a few more months before others were convinced that this was, indeed, a warning and to stand with him and stay strong. It is now 2007 and to quote a fan at the Clayboard "The Anchor is Still Holding".

Yes, it is stronger than ever now that the weak, rusty, and diseased links from the chain of the Anchor have exposed themselves or have been exposed by others for what they really are and have dropped to the depths of Hell's Ocean. So which links and diseases were exposed?

1. The most vicious of Kelly Clarkson's and Ruben Studdard's fanbases who were never links but a disease.

2. A Green Beret willing to sell his soul and his lies for a buck, 15 minutes, and a porn career; just another disease.

3. Gossip Bloggers who makes a living from lies about the innocent and prey on the inner confusion of others. Perez Hilton's delight in inflicting emotional pain can be compared to a child sociopath with no conscience who pulls the wings off butterflies. It's the Gay Community's Saddam Hussein Disease which is rampant and spreads quickly to other gay bloggers who are like minded.

Through these first 3 we have uncovered things we never wanted to know. The gays mentioned above are hated in the Gay Community. Perez Hilton is hated among the celebrities but they cater to him in order NOT to become his victim. Some have said they've seen him "work a room" and he is described as a predator. He was angered and thew a hissy fit on his own blog when he found out that the FBI put some sort of tracer in place that would hone in on the IP Address of an adult who clicked into a child porn site after the 3rd time. Now we know who some of his prey are.

Through 2 & 3 we have discovered the penchant for exposing body parts as a way of advertising. Those of us just now coming out of the dark finally get WHY young artists such as Kelly Clarkson change their image. Possibly unbeknown to them they are victims of the sick underbelly of the entertainment industry. Those of us just now coming out of the dark found that a number of people associated with those who manage the Idols are gay. I believe, and this is just my belief, that young ladies such as Kelly, Christina A. and Brittney were convinced that in order to be successful you must be willing to get down and dirty. Perhaps this is why Kelly has dropped the bottom half of her clothes to her pubic bone in front and exposes 1/4 of her asscrack in the back. These girls do NOT see that they are being used and exploited by gay males (see 5 below to understand) in the entertaiment industry who believe this is normal because it's normal for them.

Never mind that America chose Idols who were FRESH and TALENTED, who brought back the INNOCENSE of Pop Music's younger days with their own INNOCENSE. This is what we were waiting for. Kelly fell victim to the question from a PTB (germs are as dangerous as viruses) "Are you willing to do what it takes?" She did but Clay didn't go there. He was up front in the beginning that he would not compromise his beliefs, his integrity, or who he is. We know he is headstrong and determined. Many of us believe that he is being punished for what makes him so outstanding in a dirty world and the best way to do that is to dirty him up since he refuses to do it himself.

4. The first links to fall into the depths were identified as Clay's fans who stalked him incessantly and when he recognized them for what they are and he did not give them special attention, or when he ignored their tantrums as Teacher Clay was trained to do, they turned on him. They became part of the Green Beret's hate blog contributing their own lies as a form of revenge.

5. The worst disease and the weakest link is the Openly Clay membership and message board. Most of us who were oblivious to their inner and outer workings were rudely awakened to their existance because of the MESS of 2006. These are ladies who refer to themselves as "faghags". I hate labels like that because it seems disrespectful to me but they're comfortable with it so what the hell?

Some of us who were oblivious were rudely awakened to the fact that they are only interested in symptom of their disease called "shipping". They photoshop men on men because it's how they reach a climax in their warped world. They write man on man fanfic because they are attracted to gay men and some are attracted to Clay. In order for them to explain their attraction they MUST make him appear gay. We, the oblivious until this year, had no idea that they've been making up lies about Clay and posting them on places like Datalounge and Perez Hilton since early AI-2 days in order to get it in the hands of those who could do the most damage. They also put their fantasies and thoughts on the open part of their message board which is where much of the gay media hounds and bloggers got their stories. Once this bullshit was published it validated their lies so they could keep pretending that Clay is gay and they could keep on keeping on in order to get their jollies.

Now comes the worst symptom of the OC Disease. The leaders go out among the message boards such as the American Idol boards and actively recruit younger and more easily influenced fans, INCLUDING MINORS. These people, like the KCE and Soulful Ruben fans, infiltrate the message boards, drop their innuendos and run back to the OC to snicker and giggle at causing an uproar. They openly display suggestive, innuendo laden avatars at Clay's own Official Fan Club and are protected by some Mods who should NOT be in any sort of capacity at the OFC.

The OC are NOT fans of the real Clay Aiken; they are fans of their own characterization of Clay. There was a dialogue established with some Openly Clay members on a more private message board and they made it plain that they do not see their fanfic and "shipping" character as a person. They think it is fun and do NOT see the harm that they have done to Clay's reputation as someone who is truthful about who he is. They have no brain cells that are capable of separating what is fact from their fiction. They are NOT capable of seeing that it is they who have fed the gossip blogs (for over 3 years) who have fed the tabloids who have fed the weak links of the media who have turned away from true journalism and opted for "Copy and Paste". They do not see that IF there is a smear campaign that was launched from high up on the totem pole in early 2006, the OC was the primary source of information to use as the virus.

2006 was definitely "The Year of the Rude Awakening". Clay's innocense was stolen by someone he never met and by those who found the bastard willing to sell his soul. In turn we shucked our innocense and some of us dug our heals in to find the truth and expose each innuendo and lie and where they originated from and how these diseases spread. What we found was a network so vile and so germ infested that the only cure is to inform others so the carriers may eventually be rendered harmless. They are already useless dregs of society.