Friday, January 5, 2007

Chexxxy...humiliating the Claynation one blog post at a time.

The following is the latest peek into the psyche of one of the more disturbed Claymates. I have use italics on the text that was taken from Jeff Varner's blog. I copied it over from Chexxxy's blog so that those who wish not to visit her site can marvel at her utter arrogance.

Dec 28, 2006 10:12 PM

I'm still waiting on someone to pop in and agree to talk on camera. No manipulation. I don't manipulate.

Excuse me, Jeff, while I laugh my ass off. Maybe I should say it in bitchy queen, a language I'm sure you're more accustomed to.

I have a few questions of my own for you. You said:

The story with Josh is Josh talking. There were a lot of people in the room including his family. Nothing was manipulated.

Why did you use only a minute of Josh's 45 minute interview?

Why were so many of his words muted even while on camera?

Why was he smiling and laughing while he was saying the things that your broadcast interpreted as angry?

Why were there no on-camera questions interspersed with the so called answers?

Why did you manipulate this non event into such a circus?

Why did you use a 15 year old child to further your own agenda?

If Clay doesn't return calls, according to some responses here, I'm supposed to let it go and not report it? If a murderer commits his crime, but refuses to talk to me about it, am I supposed to drop it? No.

Why would you be so arrogant as to think that Clay would talk to you? You're just another annoyance. Same shit, different day.

Why do you think a reality show loser, like yourself, who couldn't hang on to his 15 minutes, would cause even a moment's pause in the life of a successful star?

Why do you quote an esteemed journalist in your website bio when you don't have any intention of honoring his sage advice?

The search for truth requires a bit of actual work on your part, Jeff. Soliciting comments from anonymous posters in your comments section and inviting e-mails from any Tom, Dick or Mary doesn't qualify. I could write all kinds of convincing e-mails that spoon feeds you what you want to hear. I could use any one of a dozen e-mail addresses and aliases to play any role I wanted including contradicting my own statements to create a lively debate and fill your inbox with an avalanche of everything from over the top religious ranting to earnest confessions of adoration to vicious but well-crafted rumors.

Why didn't you simply contact the symphony and the promoters to get the real story? Isn't that what a real journalist would do? Too bad your education is in internet marketing instead of journalism. Did you lie on your resume, Jeff, or did Fox8 hire you because a Survivor contestant is all they could afford?

But the point people are trying to argue that I only reported one side without doing my legwork is not accurate. I would never have allowed Josh on air without knowing a lot more about the situation than was reported.

Oh yes you only reported part of the story. You reported that Clay performed the longest set of all of the concert series in Greensboro. That isn't true. His set list is exactly the same throughout the series. I notice you didn't research that claim, nor did you correct it because telling the truth was never your goal.

You see, the truth is clear and your agenda is clear. You are just another gay gossip blogger and just like all of the other militant gays, you resent Clay's success, you resent his popularity and it roasts your ass that he has legions of adoring fans.

I really want Clay fans to talk on camera about why they love Clay and take up for him. If he won't talk to me, you're the next best thing, don't you think?

The fans aren't going to talk to you because you're just another nobody with a blog. The haters love to swarm the comments section of bloggers that show their fangs and attack Clay Aiken. They used you, buddy, and you bought the whole enchilada. You aren't anything new that we haven't seen before and many of the others are much less transparent in their manipulation. You erased any comments that didn't agree with your goal to trash Clay Aiken. If we ignore every other thing you did and only consider the act of deleting the comments that set the record straight and are in support of Clay, your integrity is still shot.

There has been a firestorm of Clay support here. I find it interesting not one of these people will agree to support their idol without their mask of anonymity.

You're not that bright, are ya? What part of anonymous comments don't you understand? What makes you think the comments are from real claymates? Get a clue. You've been played. You are a gossipmonger and will never be a legitimate journalist. You are only a minor irritant. The tribe has spoken. Goodbye.

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