Friday, January 5, 2007

Clay Aiken :Sure Looks Like Reba!!

Had to share this bit of hilarity from the ClayBoard today!

IndyShirlGirl Clay Aiken: He's StillThe One!

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I am stunned:a "slam" against Clay!-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

A dear Clay-friend from out-of-state gave me the Clay calendar for Christmas.

I have it on my cube wall.

Today while I was out for lunch, someone (I don't know who, although I have an idea or two) put a yellow post-it note over the pic of Clay.

I am fighting tears, I'm shaking within!

I wanted to not go off the deep end (my job could be in jeopardy if I don't handle this situation in the right way) but I just sent an office-wide email (we have close to 90 employees here) stating:

This is factual information for the person who anonymously put a post-it note saying “sure looks like Reba” over the picture of Clay Aiken on my wall calendar: if you had bothered to read the caption below his name, you would have seen “UNICEF Ambassador”. Perhaps you don’t realize that he was appointed to a position similar to that of Angelina Jolie, and he has made trips to Indonesia and elsewhere in third-world countries, on behalf of UNICEF’s efforts to help the children there. He has also been appointed, by the President of the United States, to a committee that will study how to help the children here in the United States. Clay Aiken, at the very beginning of his singing career, established his own foundation, called the Bubel-Aiken Foundation, which supports efforts to help “special needs” children in the U.S.; he has credentials to be a teacher of developmentally disabled children and the “Bubel” in the name of his foundation is the last name of a young man, Michael Bubel, who Clay was tutoring the summer before Clay went on American Idol.

I may have not put it in the best words, but I *HAD* to do somethiing!

I am in shock that someone would be so cruel.

What a COWARD to do it anonymously!!!!

Do any of you have any advice for me?

Also, any encouragement you could give me, I would *truly* appreciate!!!