Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some Good Questions

From last night's blog:

I would honestly like for any Claymate to respond to my questions.

Why is it that the Claymates can vilify, dissect, criticize, insult, demean, belittle, ANY other artist, especially AI alummi, but God forbid if anyone dare say anything negative about Clay, or declare they are not fans or that they do not like him, before they declare war against them and attack them?

Why is it okay for Claymates to trash others, but if we criticize the mates OR Clay, we are called haters? Why is it okay for Clay to be rude to others and be justified as him "being sick", or "he's just being "snarky" or "it was a joke"?

Why is it that Clay massacres a song, but it's excused as him having a throat infection, or not having slept well, being tired, etc, but if ANY other artist does the same thing they are the worse singers, a shame to be singing, not in the league as Aiken, etc.?

Why is is that they can have their "private" message boards or blogs where they express their opinions, but if any of us express ours in OUR blogs they feel they have the right to try to shut them down?

I have NEVER in my life seen fans like them, NEVER.

There are overzelous fans in all fan groups, but the level of vengeance, hate, harrassment, DELUSION, and mental instability prevaliing on theirs is alarming.

They can fool themselves all they want, but they are a CULT and the fact they can't see it for what it is, is the best indication that they are far gone.

It's one thing to enjoy an artist and support him, and another to actually go after anyone who dares dislike him. I don't care how much they want to justify their bizarre and disturbing attitude, it is abnormal and way irrationaly above anything that constitute normal typical fan behavior.