Monday, December 18, 2006

The Pre-Show Scoop! Ms. Diva is in the house!!

From the last blog:

"You guys are gonna love this..I live in Michigan and the local news was just talking about the Clay Aiken concert and the reporter was in Downtown Detroit and he is actually narrating the "night before christmasas" in the show.
Anyway he said that Aiken was acting like a diva (his words) and that when clay got off the bus "this big guy"...(Jerome) yelled NO they shut them off and aiken strolled in pajama bottoms, hoodie, hair a mess, etc...
Anyway he kicked this reporter out of the rehearsals (even though he is in the show) so he could rehearse privately and refused any interviews before or after even though this guy was in the show doing the narrative.
They are pretty much making a joke out of his usual folks. Oh and by the way, far from sold out. "