Monday, December 18, 2006

Clay Blogs!! He's Confused!!

12/18/06 : Detroit Show
So folks...Just wanted to take a second before this evening's show in Detroit to let you know about a few changes that will occur in tonight's show.
Due to restrictions in place we are required, for tonight, to dramatically reduce the amount of talking from stage during the show.
Additionally, we are held to strict time restrictions.
Therefore, we will do our best to perform each song, but may have to make some last minute cuts.
Please know that any changes or omissions are not a reflection of my health. As a matter of fact, I am feeling much better.
I appreciate the prayers and concerns extended to me this past week.
Everything will be back to normal in the coming shows!
Love C
Current Mood: Confused
These "restrictions" seem to have taken Clay by surprise, since he seems so confused by it all.
Could it be the bad attitude he had prior to the show and his rudeness to a local reporter who was also a participant in the show made some in charge decide to take him down a peg?
Also, if he is suprised by the "restrictions" tonight, how does he know that the rest of the shows will be "normal"? Couldn't surprise restrictions happen again at any time?