Sunday, December 17, 2006

Claymates! GET HELP!!!

"You are constantly giving to its time for you to rest and take good care of yourself....Please, rest lots and take your meds and rest lots ok.....We love you so much......and want you to do what is best and right for you......and if that means having to cancel a show then so be it.....Just don't push yourself for us.....we are always going to be here....and "baby, that's a fact"May God continue to hold you in his arms as we continue to hold you in our prayer's and hearts.......always and forever.....Huge warm hugs,"

"don't know if you are up to coming here and checking your messages but if you do i want you to know that we love you and are praying for you....i have been saying our fathersand hail marys for days now...and praying to saint jude,the saint of impossible for your speedy recovery........really...clay,we are always with you forever, no matter pleasetake some time to rest, rest, rest, rest.....and know thatwe ALWAYS LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER.....UNCONDITIONALLY..we love you.....biggest bestest hugs...."

"Just stopping back again to say that I do pray you took this day to rest and eat right....hope you slept as much as you needed......You know, the only important thing is that you get well....really well...we fans want that more than anything.....I believe that now you do know how much we love and appreciate everything about you....its the whole Clay we love and care and pray about!Please darlin, just be good to yourself...we are here...will be here...heck you had us from "hello" ok.......I love you with my whole have made such a difference in our, be good to yourself....get happy and ......May God continue to hold you in his arms as well continue to hold you in our hearts and prayer's.......always and forever!All my love....all my prayer's....."

" know that this may be a stupid thread but I always find myself for a few weeks after a show wanting to see more. I miss clay so badly. I find myself looking for every detail of the shows online. Each time I go to a show it gets worse. He is like something you need to survive. Am I crazy? Am I obsessed? I dont think so but everyone else does. They just do not understand. Clay stands for so much good, He is so real he seems to capture something inside of me that is so great that I do not want it to go away. He makes me smile on my worst days through his music. When he smiles it is so genuine and then he starts to sing and Im gone. Its a good thing isnt it? Oh well I guess I just have to wait til the next show It cannot come soon enough for me."

"i have been so worried about Clay too!! i havent been as worried about someone as i am for Clay in my whole life!! i think i care about him more than i care about myself. "


Claymates, those of you that are posting things like the above need help. Seriously. Either you are lying about your devotion and prayers for Clay to try to fit in, or there is something seriously wrong with you. Whichever, you need help.

Have you ever worried for a relative or a friend this way? Do you cry for the soldiers who are being killed on an almost daily basis? Do you pray like this for the suffering that is going on in Darfur? Do you visit nursing homes or pediatric units in hospitals? Do "deep feeling" people like yourselves do anything for anyone that isn't related to Clay? It is sick and you need help.

The people who enable you in your illness are not your friends. They are sick also, and you feed off of each others pathos like warm water fuels a hurricane. You HAVE become a cult. Clay? For allowing this to go on, you are responsible and disgusting. Shame on you!