Monday, February 12, 2007

Telling It Like It Is About Clay Aiken

In response to "Kaopectate", a Claymate troll who was visiting and criticizing this blog last night, one of our blog admins posted a "spot on"response and assessment of Clay Aiken. It was so good, it deserves it's own blog post. Here it is:
Kao, in case you're reading, you totally missed the point or pretended to miss it. To have a case of character assassination, there has to be the intent to CREATE FALSE rumors in order to cause someone's reputation to be questioned or ruined. There's no deliberate misinformation about Clay here at all. He put himself out there. He logged into and HE searched out for hook ups. He posed before the webcams all on his own accord. He is the one who disrespected Kelly Ripa (EVERYBODY saw that) and, after he claimed to have apologized and everything was fine between them, he proceeded to continued to insult her by mocking what he did and labeled it as "deserved" and said he would do it again to an audience of concert attendees. He also disrespected the NJ students and their teacher in a diva fit we all read about and Kao, the list goes on and on and on
.Not satisfied with everything he had already done, he gets caught back again webcamming with another potential hook up and had the rings to show for it and you have the audacity to accuse this blog of character assassination? Did we all force him to do all that? and like you have been asked time and time again, why not legally fight what you claim to be false claims? As someone pointed out (I believe it was Dramamine) attorneys quickly issued C&D letters to pin creators/sellers and yet information you deem as deliberate character assassination goes unchallenged by his legal team.
As many have already said, we are not here to convince you or the other cult members of Clay's false persona. We are here to speak about his fans and how they have been duped into believing the false image and how he continues to capitalize on their blindness.
Is not about being gay, it's about pretending to be someone he isn't while trashing, pointing at and belittling others, all that while portraying himself as someone above reproach. As I said, it's not about being gay, but about how he hides and lies about it and about purporting to be a role model; one who lies, schemes, manipulates and lies some more. THAT'S what we talk about in here.
Oh and BTW, you've never been in any other board my ass! If you never have, you know damn too much to try to pull that shit up here. On the other hand, if indeed you're telling the truth, then you must be someone REAL close to Clay to be so determine to do what he hasn't done after all this time which is, defend himself!
ZYBAN 02.11.07 - 11:23 pm #
Very Well Said, Zyban!! Thank You!
Oh and...Nice smirk in the photo above, Clay. It captures the "real" you. Jerk.